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All I want is a small covering

While finish washing the breakfast dishes in the sink, I knicked the tip of my left index finger a bit on the drain cover. Some bleeding, but a bandage is needed if I want to keep using my crochet hook … Continue reading

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Lost and Found: gotta Appreciate my Mister’s Request

Well, Folks, my dear Husband says I should write about the $5, the story of which is almost a month old, and has been told out loud at least 3 times. Just a minute while I clean the grease off … Continue reading

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A Mishmash of Stuff trying to wear me down

So my day actually began yesterday, when Husband’s car, which I was driving to work because mine is already in the shop for transmission work, his car decided to glare a little red light on the dashboard. It had something … Continue reading

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Is it Really Friday already?

the last few days have been Snow Storm Recovery for us. Our efforts are not so difficult as others, but my shoulders are telling me that shoveling is strenuous exercise. Oscar does not appreciate the piles of white stuff. I … Continue reading

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Out There, then Home Again

During yesterday’s church announcement was an invitation to a baby girl shower on Saturday 12 February. Which leaves me less than 2 weeks to crochet a baby blankie! I had decided to have today off, since the furnace guy was … Continue reading

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A New Book for Me

I bought a book from a bookstore with its inventory online and it turned out to be withdrawn from a public library Why the library itself did not sell it is quite a question, but I got a bargain even … Continue reading

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A New Week Begins

Monday is our wedding anniversary married 30 years over at DOF’s place We went out with friends to a place where the cooking is done right in front of the group. Fun to watch, and good eating. I have to … Continue reading

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Was today our Anniversary?

This weekend, the third weekend in October is our wedding anniversary.  I’m usually pretty good with date memory, but much of the time with this, I have to think about the actual number.  I remember that we were married the … Continue reading

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Word Usage while Walking

My glasses have been out of alignment since Monday when accidentally I got knocked upside the head by a disabled student whom I was repositioning from wheelchair to lunch table, and two trips to the eyecare center haven’t got ‘em … Continue reading

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Good Things are Here

I am in the middle of baking some Zucchini Bread, with sugar and spices laid out all over the table. There is a beef roast in the crock pot as well. A knock on the door from our latest mail … Continue reading

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