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Knitted hats done in middle of week

There were no classes at schools on Wednesday, due to Parent-Teacher Conferences.  Being a TA Sub, I have no responsibility for such events, so I stayed home for fun. Really, my car did not move, and the only time I … Continue reading

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Didn’t Break the Camera

The chip in my camera has been declaring FULL ever since Women’s Retreat and Hurricane Ike back in September.  By looking at photos of the little screen on the back, I would delete a couple that were blurry or otherwise … Continue reading

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Busy Elsewhere II

I had just reached the top of the basement steps, after putting in a load of laundry.  Husband called me over to where he was stretching his calf muscles, prior to getting on the treadmill. I’ve some ups and some … Continue reading

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Dollar$ Many for Maple $yrup

The school job was done a couple hours early today for Homecoming. I thought I would take advantage of an afternoon free and do grocery shopping before the weekend.  Actually we only needed a couple items I could remember from … Continue reading

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Just sitting still is a type of work

My schedule book said that Oct 17 is West High’s Homecoming, so all ‘feeder’ schools into it would be dismissed early.  Devious me accepted a T A Sub job in a 5th grade classroom done at 1:15 pm.  At an … Continue reading

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At least it wasn’t a page from a catalog

Well, first I will explain why I call tissue paper on a roll “potty paper”. It was not always thus, and I surely did not grow up saying it. However, after I got married, the tale of potty paper was … Continue reading

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A Week Away Already?

cajole—to urge with gentle and repeated appeals, teasing, or flattery; wheedle promulgate—to make known (a decree, for example) by public declaration; announce officially teachable moment—moment of educational opportunity: a time at which a person, especially a child, is likely to … Continue reading

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