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A Long Weekend

There are times when I wish my husband and his 99-year-old grandmother lived next door to each other.  They are both quite opinionated about politics, but sending letters and newspaper clippings from California to Illinois and back is not quick … Continue reading

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Definitely Earning my Wages these days

Home from the TA Sub job at the high school. Another one of those days where us aides push wheelchairs where assigned, but it’s called PE. A Summer on the treadmill and lifting hand weights was good prep for the … Continue reading

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What I Did on my Summer Vacation

As promised in a previous post, here is another note to the question about What I did on Summer vacation? click on the brown and pink hat resting on the Crafts table there were 8 adult loom-knitted hats, 10 small … Continue reading

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Procrastinating getting ready for school

School begins tomorrow, which is a Wednesday, but it is for morning only. I went to the dentist this morning, and when I got home, the answering machine had a message from the office assistant at West High School saying … Continue reading

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Hat goes to the best customer

The Ewe Knit store in downtown Normal has to re-locate because the building has been purchased and will be torn down.  The owner doesn’t want to have to transfer all the merchandise, so there is a nice per cent off … Continue reading

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Subject: F H P (girly items)

The subject is feminine hygiene products, so some of you might want to avert your eyes or move along sooner now. Okay, all set? I am in menopause for awhile now, and even before I was done with monthlys, I … Continue reading

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Donated Granny Squares Crib-size Blankie

The Normal Activity Center Needlework Group accepts donations of yarn and supplies to keep our projects going. There is a nice shelf area in the storeroom dedicated to types and colors and weights of various yarns, plus a couple drawers … Continue reading

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this will come in handy

This morning, a real sweet item came my way. I don’t remember any mention of my favorite color to Riley, but about as soon as I got to church today, she came over to give me a very nice gift. … Continue reading

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You can see that THEY have zucchini

In connection with my plight of what I am doing with a big zucchini, I will link you to Shaun Groves, Zucchini Farmer, a guy whose blog I found through reading Owlhaven, who has her own zucchini quandary.

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Alligator in the Kitchen

Last night must have been good for sleeping for me.  I woke up with a very full bladder, so much so that when Husband was in the bathroom running water to fill the cat’s bowl, I barely made it to … Continue reading

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