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Here then Away

Today is when I decided to be free for a Mental Health day. Actually, it’s catch-up time, with errands to run, towels to fold, yarn items to sort out for donations. There was one lonesome TA Sub job on the … Continue reading

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An Extra Special Gift

A grand surprise came my way on Sunday. You already know about how Husband bought crochet hooks from overseas for me My friend Lois, seamstress extraordinaire, put together a wonderful crochet hook carrying case. She listened when I said I … Continue reading

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Don’t miss me more than you have to

I am going outta town again, for church conference Women’s Retreat.  The camp is not so good with cell phone nor Innernet connections, not that I want to be bothered anyway whilst I’m sittin’ on the dock at the lake. … Continue reading

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Education Happens

Today’s job was at a junior high in the homeroom for students with Autism (that may not be the most recent and proper term. sorry). The usual schedule is that once a student has completed a schoolwork type task, the … Continue reading

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Back with much News, no Time

We went out of town from Friday morning to Sunday Noon Camera chip has many pictures Laundry pile is very high the neighbor lady looked after the cats quite nicely Yet they are still very glad we are home again … Continue reading

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Nice Morning, Just Us

Today is Labor Day in the US of A, a nice third day of the weekend (with lovely weather here) to provide a grande finesse for the Summer.  We took advantage of open-ended hours and pedalled our bicycles across Uptown … Continue reading

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Just Stopping By

The week has moved along so fast that I almost forgot all about YOU! Worked TA Sub jobs for two full days plus one afternoon (didja ever notice that the need to be somewhere 11am to 3pm seems to take … Continue reading

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Foot in Mouth for the Kazillionth Time

Major goof speaking today. In the Break Room, I asked a teacher if the baby is due after Christmas, cuz then I would have time to make a nice baby blankie. She went very very white, and said, Um, No, … Continue reading

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