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Clearing the Chip

George and Oscar the true meaning of cat nap Lucas, the owner of a Master’s degree in Mathematics, NOT marching in the ceremony (he did not for high school, nor his Bachelor’s, either) and his Dad, three days out of … Continue reading

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the Internet as Back-up

As anybody who has been around me for awhile knows, I have quite an ‘ooo-la-la’ thing going for Alex Trebek, the host of the tv show JEOPARDY! and often rearrange my day to be able to watch the program. Mahalia … Continue reading

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Recipe for Bread Pudding

there has come a request for the recipe of the treat mentioned in a previous post my Betty Crocker cookbook was a wedding gift and has the picture from 1972 on the cover use a casserole dish which will fit … Continue reading

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With Great Admiration for her Efforts

Over at Gifts of the Journey she is moving overseas and took pictures of the workers who must have highly coveted spatial reasoning skills to be able to get all the stuff into a crate ~~love and Huggs, Diane

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Different Hook Busy these days

My steel, size 8 crochet hook has been getting quite a workout the last few days.  Having already sent off 5 bookmarks to my mom for her own gift-giving pleasure, given away 2 for graduation achievements, there are 9 waiting … Continue reading

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Out of the house for a little over an hour

Husband and I had a little venture outside the house together in the late morning.  He wanted to go visit the folks in the building where he works, and since he is not allowed to drive for awhile, I played … Continue reading

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So Glad the Sons are Bigger Now

found via Google Reader, hat tip to George Iffen I were not so tired, I might have a few stories of mine own to go along with what he said No, your kids are not adorable but there are others … Continue reading

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Square Piles Getting Taller

A little over a month ago, Friday 10 April, I was in the audience when Christopher’s roomie Patrick performed his percussion Senior Recital in the Kemp Auditorium on the ISU campus.  Chris also accompanied with his guitar for a couple … Continue reading

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We’ve got Sunshine!

the view from 6West floor of the hospital looking toward the north and east the walkway connecting the second floors of the garage and buildings was quite a blessing during all the rainstorms I sure was glad to see sunshine … Continue reading

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Some Writing Over There

for those of you who are looking for something new you won’t find me writing here right now updates for my husband’s stay in the hospital are in the comments at Decrepit Old Fool ~~love and Huggs, Diane

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