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Out There, then Home Again

During yesterday’s church announcement was an invitation to a baby girl shower on Saturday 12 February. Which leaves me less than 2 weeks to crochet a baby blankie! I had decided to have today off, since the furnace guy was … Continue reading

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Little Bits of time Add up to Relationship

It looked like an easy job on SubFinder, a Friday morning in a junior high class Special Needs- Autism. I’ve worked in that room before, and even know several of the students from previous grades, and buildings. Now, I would … Continue reading

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Just Me and the Cat and the Music

This Thursday morning has gray clouds outside but inside my time been filled with crochet on a little tote bag, Bette Midler and Trisha Yearwood CDs on Replay, and a somewhat needy old cat wanting me to squirt water into … Continue reading

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YOU watch where yer goin’ !!!

So was waiting and waiting on the corner by the school, wanting to cross College Avenue. Very busy that time of day, what with college and junior high traffic. Finally, to my left was no traffic other than a red … Continue reading

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College Student? Not Me, Not Now

Recently, my husband linked this post: Academically Adrift in his Google Shared items. I read it with great recognition, in that it talks about how college is supposed to develop critical thinking skills, to be academically challenging. I went to … Continue reading

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In the Bleak Mid-Winter

Yesterday came and went without me saying anything special about the date… 18 January. That date in the year 1989, my own dad died. Middle Son Lucas was in Kindergarten. That date in the year 1991, my husband’s dad died. … Continue reading

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Not Much, just as well

Today I learned that a guy who was in our wedding party is going to be a “Pappy”. That seems odd to me, I’ve known him since our church camp days, which means more than 40 years. He’s old enough, … Continue reading

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an Ordinary? Thursday… not yet

Today is Thursday, which I call my day off from a job. There was a time when I was doing childcare for a Moms Bible Study group in the mornings, but their younguns got old enough for pre-school classes, and … Continue reading

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Monday is moving along too fast

Home awhile ago from having Oscar to the critter doctor. The crazy cat has been begging for food every couple hours, and wanting warm water on it to make a broth. So into the crate he went,  with loud protests … Continue reading

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Overcoming a Dry Spell

A New Year has begun, and with it some silly resolutions which should be happening right along rather than paying attention to the date of the calendar. At least my refrigerator might appreciate good intentions. I worked as a TA … Continue reading

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