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Yes, I’m here

Long day, this.  I was an hour and a half in the dentist chair for the first part of getting a crown on that back tooth. Two page research paper due for Activities for Young Children class.  The pros of … Continue reading

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A bit about the Yarn-In

The Michael’s Craft store was having a Yarn-In this afternoon.  There were classes, there were prizes, there were contests. I managed to crochet together a nine patch lap robe, made from squares done by others.  Now that is a challenge, … Continue reading

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Just Us Old Married Folks

Some germs have decided to make themselves at home in my head.  I have a cold.  All parts above my shoulders have begged to be included as in watery eyes, stuffy nose, ringing ears, scratchy throat, plus swelling in the … Continue reading

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Ordinary Thursday

My MrDoF is in Peoria working for a couple days and nights. The cats miss him quite a bit. I went about my regular routine doing homework and Internet reads and Math class. In spite of having all the extra … Continue reading

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Spilling the Beans

Apparently, the suspense is too much for some folks! So I asked permission to spill the beans early about who will be receiving the comfort shawl.  She hasn’t gotten it yet, probably not until the end of this month, even … Continue reading

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And the Shawl goes to……

The Striped Comfort Shawl has been mailed off this morning. The Receiver’s name came up in two separate e-mails from two different sources. I had to track down who might possibly have her street address, who was glad to give … Continue reading

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Sunday, the day of Grace

Golly, I’m so tired I couldn’t go to sleep at all.  Must find something to do to relax.  Does that even make sense? The whole day I was with people.  At Church.  Good Cause folks. My usual routine of setting … Continue reading

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Just Another Thursday

Math homework took 2.5 hours this morning. Began a baby blanket over lunch hour.  Got beginning chain, Row 1 and half Row 2 done. Math class left me dizzy.  I’m going to visit the Instructor during office hours tomorrow. Picked … Continue reading

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Update on shawl

Thank You for all your kind Comments about the beautiful shawl.  Sometimes I am not sure myself how fine a thing I can do. I had sent the shawl post and pictures I’d written to the Conference lady, just as … Continue reading

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Beginning of Semester

The start of a new semester. 20,000 state university students have returned to our little town on the prairie. The traffic is terrible, no one wants to wait another 3 seconds. A man had just gotten off the bus and … Continue reading

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