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School strolls along

A friend is working on a Master’s Degree in Nursing so that she can legally be a CNP in her state.  She sent an e-mail, and it’s going on my weblog without even asking permission first.  I can taste the … Continue reading

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My To Do List

My To Do List: College Classwork 1) Math Homework 4 problems: parts ‘a’ and ‘b’ for each 2) Math Case Studies: 10 Questions: each answer must contain at least two (2) complete sentences 3) Math Take Home Test: 12 problems, … Continue reading

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Please excuse our dust

DoF here – I’m trying to address some addressing problems we’ve been having in MrsDoF’s blog.  So there may be some wierdness as I get it figured out.  Please excuse the mess. UPDATE, 20 November ‘05, 7:30am: I had Pmachine … Continue reading

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Was it really that long ago?

Being organized eludes me.  I try it with shelf units, drawers, closets, plastic containers behind the couch.  That’s in the physical world, but I am no better at it with my computer files.  I have stuff hanging around from 3 … Continue reading

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A bit of Catching Up

I’m glad so many folks like the poem.  I have a whole bunch of those old magazines on the shelf which were purchased at a used book sale a few years back.  The pictures are so beautiful as well.  More … Continue reading

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When You’re Tempted to Quit

copied from IDEALS magazine January 1964 When Tempted to Quit by Rev. J. B. Baker When you’re tempted to quit and blue as can be And your life is as wild as a storm-ridden sea, Then grab at the wheel … Continue reading

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It’s not Monthly Anymore

Forewarning:  female events ahead the original title was: My Virgin Underwear Someone who reads my Dear Ones has put the word out that I have some experience in Women’s Health issues.  What with being a student nurse taking care of … Continue reading

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My Downside of Writing too Much

this says all I want to say today And the official SHOE website to continue your reading pleasure…… ~~love and Huggs, Diane

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Wish I were Here

Update:  11am on Tuesday… The lines of typed words are sitting at the bottom of page number 10. I can hardly believe it—I have slogged my way through to the expected end. Re-reading, the flow looks good, which means I … Continue reading

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Writing somewhere else

Dear Ones, My ten page paper is still at only 8 pages.  Not made any kinder by someone in the church kitchen telling me that when he is assigned 10, he usually manages to spill it over to 12 or … Continue reading

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