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Kinda Busy Here….. Move Along

Bright and early Monday morning, I report to the Endoscopy Center to have a colonoscopy exam. This is part of a routine physical, and covered by health insurance the preps began a few days ago, no aspirin or NSAIDS, no … Continue reading

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Movie found while looking for something else

this morning I went out to get a haircut and I asked for it to be really short for two reasons 1) our current heat wave of 94ºF 2) I’m having a medical procedure done next week when I have … Continue reading

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Reading the other section of the newspaper

This morning’s paper has an announcement that a movie star couple are able to welcome twin baby girls into their family. The main reason I am interested is the babies were born to a surrogate mother, in the same hospital … Continue reading

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Well, it could be important

Another morning of playing the “waiting for a phone call” game. so I’m at the computer reading comics after checking in on the blogs of my Bookmarks Already have 2 loads of laundry out on the clothesline, and the dishwasher … Continue reading

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First Cross done in awhile

silver cross crocheted Friday this one is going to a fella whose dad passed on last Spring, but I never did get around to sending a card the first Father’s Day is the hardest it has been more than a … Continue reading

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Gotta Weighs to Go

the Treadmill display reads Distance .25  Time 10:04 heh heh….my 40 minute mile ~~love and Huggs, Diane

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Dang Phone Machines! the hat looks good

when trying to take a picture of a knitted lady’s hat grab the snow shovel still resting behind the front door lean it against the porch railing in between downpours drape the hat over the handle and hope tired hands … Continue reading

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Cash in Hand Still Works Wonders

In the ongoing saga of Husband’s ailments, he still has a white tongue, attributed to Thrush. Apparently last week’s *swish and swallow* stuff did not work well enough, so I called the surgical office.  Doctor T himself called back to … Continue reading

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Newly Found Author

It’s Noon, so I came over to read the new Writer’s Almanac poem (a link in my sidebar) and was introduced to Ilene Beckerman, author who had her first work published at age 60. Now I will go see if … Continue reading

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When Oatmeal is for Breakfast

Long ago when oldest son Joey was in First Grade, we had a little ritual in the morning before he met his buddy at the corner so they could walk to school. I would cook oatmeal on the stove, add … Continue reading

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