A Mishmash of Stuff trying to wear me down

So my day actually began yesterday, when Husband’s car, which I was driving to work because mine is already in the shop for transmission work, his car decided to glare a little red light on the dashboard.
It had something to do with the brakes, yet pushing on the pedal did stop the car okay.
I made it there and home again, but did not go off to do any extra errands. There will be brake fluid added as soon as we get the proper brand.

ASAP, I set SubFinder for Do Not Disturb so it wouldn’t call about a job. I would be either walking or on the bus if we needed anything. Already worked a day and a half, and got a TA Sub job lined up for Friday, so being off today is fine for the budget. Well, maybe not, with all the happenings which need to be paid for. But money isn’t everything.

The bathtub drain was going real slow over the weekend, then on Monday, the kitchen drain clogged all the way. Husband had to auger out the long pipe thru the laundry room on Tuesday evening.
The house smelled like sewer while I was watching my favorite shows on tv.
Very grateful for a mate who is able and willing to do housework.

Wednesday morning came a phone call that the guy we had asked to replace our 22 yr old water heater had a change of schedule, and would be doing it today. Good thing I wasn’t at a job, there were phone calls, and delivery to the back porch, and check pickup.
Not to mention moving all the stuff away from stairs to the basement, and the path to the other side of the furnace.

Meanwhile, frittered away a bunch of time staring at this screen. Learned from my hometown newspaper website that my cousin Richard, age 66, has passed away in Texas, and my cousin LuAnn age 7 months younger than me passed away in Ohio.
When I get up the energy, I will call my mom and learn the details.
There is a whole list of information I need from her, but things right here in the house call priority.

Which I guess instead of being here in the comfy chair, I should ask the guys if my help is needed. There is much grunting, and the sound of wheels on a dolly bumping wooden steps.

My own preference is to stay out of the way, and nobody has called my name, which I will take as a signal to continue.

My mind seems to be going every which way, and I cannot even find the rhythm of crochet stitches. I pulled out almost a row of the baby blankie because of a split in the yarn. My hook is not obeying the pattern. I set the whole thing aside, then went to hang laundry outside on the line. It could not be in the way of the workers downstairs.

Gonna go see the gaping hole behind the steps before the new thing comes in. Hope this new energy efficient model helps with heat and water saving.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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