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Water and Toothache—A Dreary Day Hovering

The morning is cloudy, warm 64o oh dear, raining again :long: Husband went down to check the basement and found water on the floor in the corner.  No matter what we have done in all the years we have lived … Continue reading

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Her Kitchen Must Be a Wonderful Place

Because Halloween is coming, Not Martha decided to cook a creative meatloaf

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There Awhile,  Home Again

The dawn was a dreary gray this morning, but after a three day weekend, I realized that I might as well face a fine day at a TA Sub job (by request a week ago). Husband cooked some oatmeal for … Continue reading

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Baby Blankie and Dinner Out = Great Friday

what I have been working on while I’m away from here crocheted using a 4.5mm ADDI hook and leftovers of Bernat Cottontots yarn and it’s going to our nephew’s new baby girl This week has passed in a blur of … Continue reading

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Don’t Bother Me Right Now

A few weeks ago, I updated my Profile on Facebook, so several folks jumped aboard who want to be my Friend.  I don’t really understand the whole Friend Request stuff, I see many of these folks every Sunday at church, … Continue reading

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Was today our Anniversary?

This weekend, the third weekend in October is our wedding anniversary.  I’m usually pretty good with date memory, but much of the time with this, I have to think about the actual number.  I remember that we were married the … Continue reading

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Link for a Quick Show of Pride

Jon was a kid in high school when my young family began going to our church. We were given tickets to see him in a play at the park, and just knew he had potential   :coolsmile:  as an actor … Continue reading

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So glad Monday is done

Quote from long ago:  the hurrieder I go, the behinder I get If I didn’t know better, I would think my body is having PMS.  All day it seemed like I couldn’t finish a task (the towels are folded but … Continue reading

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Sweet Sweet Saturday

A nice e-mail from son Lucas starts the day off mighty fine.  He’s happily married, has a couple job interviews, gave me his newest phone number.  Things a mom appreciates knowing, even though he lives far away from us. There … Continue reading

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Singing in the Lane

After Yarn Group this afternoon, I went to Sam’s for a roasted chicken.  I’m not sure what all the seasonings are, or even if it’s the flames doing the cooking, but the $4.97 is well worth our supper centerpiece. I … Continue reading

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