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the Job Calls

Tuesday evening I attended the Opening the School Year in Prayer service.  Although it is non-denominational, the gathering is in a large Christian Church way across town, rising up from a former cornfield.  There is a Praise Band, and words … Continue reading

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Big-tailed Thief

This morning I was having my second cup of tea while sitting on the steps of the front porch. The mailman was walking my way, and I realized I didn’t have an oatmeal cranberry cookie to share with him, so … Continue reading

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Others are spreading the news

I didn’t know about any of this until I read about it at a couple of my haunts. There are embedded videos of the Miss South Carolina answer at S E B Hope for the Future What was I Thinking? … Continue reading

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Advice Comes ‘Round Again

Today’s my appointment at our clinic.  The co-pay went up $5. The CNP says I attribute several of my symptoms to thyroid medication, when the lab test of my latest blood draw says “Normal Ranges” The afternoon headache, the nightly … Continue reading

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Acting Squirrelly

So I drove the youngest son to his first class of the week. He had his book bag, his teacher’s bag, a guitar in its case to carry. Nowadays, he’s more loaded down than some Junior High kids. I left … Continue reading

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Nephew at the Total Outdoorsman Challenge

This is the weekend for The Total Outdoorsman Challenge in Springfield, Missouri. My nephew Dan Powell is participating in the competition (click picture 3, top row, third from left). ah, here it is The latest photos over there promise to … Continue reading

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Farewell and Good Riddance

Recently while walking across the parking lot towards a grocery store, I noticed a table had been set up near the entrance. It held one of those tall jars with a slot cut into its bright red lid, taking donations … Continue reading

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A Noticeable Difference

This evening I was able to do something which hasn’t been done for 3 years. I folded and sorted the clean laundry on the table in the study. My arm is almost numb from patting myself on the back. And … Continue reading

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Back and Forth and Forth and Back

In case nobody ever told you before, when a family lives in a town which is home to a major state university, August is a really busy month for the whole household. Really busy, especially when the husband works there … Continue reading

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Little Bit of Catching Up

This morning I wrote 2 letters to enclose in birthday packages. One of the guys (my kid brother) does not even own a computer, let alone follow my blog!  He is working two jobs and says a computer is still … Continue reading

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