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Baby Blankie in Pink

The Red Shawl went over like gangbusters with my sister-in-law.  Exact quote “I have received your FANTASTIC PHENOMENAL gift!” Since I now needed a bit of ‘non-think’ time,  my next crochet project was a baby aphgan worked in a very … Continue reading

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I was following medical orders, right?

When I saw the CNP a couple weeks ago, after all the lab work and doing a few range of motion exercises, the best advice she could come up with is to keep doing my walking and cook red meat … Continue reading

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When Songs Collide

When one of my sons was in high school, he had a habit of saying “Why was I Not Informed?” way too often. I thought of his quote lately when my Amazon order arrived. I don’t remember why I was … Continue reading

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Snapshot Challenge

Mary at Owlhaven led me to a Snapshot Challenge. We are supposed to pick at least 3 of the categories and list my ‘Snapshot’ of what is happening right this moment. Reading: _A River Between Us_ by Richard Peck.  Its … Continue reading

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We’re Done but Others Still Working

The newbie Tech has a blog! Webs05 wrote about where we were and what we were doing yesterday.  (It’s a WordPress blog, so I hope it stays a good link)  He mentions where we had dinner at the Rhythm Kitchen … Continue reading

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Away from my Desk

My schedule was kept clear today, just in case I would need to help Husband with chauffeur duty. Ya see, about a month ago, he began a new job category without so much as having to change his desk or … Continue reading

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A Link for Laughs

The best laugh I have had in ages! Gladys on the Ellen show at YouTube. It lasts almost 7 minutes, and my sides ache from going awhile. Enjoy!

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they were Free to a Good Home

Back in the days when I was doing home daycare, we brought together a family of stuffed Dalmatian puppies.  There was Pongo and Perdita, and 8 little spotted puppies.  We were trying for the whole set, but small children’s interests … Continue reading

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Movie Night to see The Queen

Our historic theatre in Uptown Normal sold out all seats for this evening’s viewing of The Queen, starring Helen Mirren. I was towards the back, against the wall and forgot to drink my bottle of water, even after eating some … Continue reading

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Time is supposed to be for social contacts

Whewee.  I just got home from what I call my Yarn Group.  I had been looking forward to it, having been in the house all day yesterday because of the cold weather.  It got all the way up to 31oF … Continue reading

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