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Weather and music, today they overlap

Wednesday evening, Chris participated in a Guitar Potpourri with other students at ISU.  The weather was cold and rainy and I didn’t expect hardly anybody else to be there, even as a free recital.  Husband and I walked down to … Continue reading

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the brown truck has nothing on me

Husband asked if I could deliver something to his office.  He rides his bicycle to work, which makes carrying larger items rather difficult.  He said he would put it into the trunk of the car, then I could bring it … Continue reading

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Not his favorite type of tunes

As I mentioned before, for a couple weeks now, our local radio stations have been playing songs of the holiday season. Then at Truths and Half Truths, Nilbo talks about rehearsals for the Christmas program at his daughter’s church.  He … Continue reading

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More than you’ll ever care to know about my fingernails

When I was born in the middle of the 1950s, my mother was told that her milk wasn’t good enough to nourish me.  Well, no wonder, we stayed in the hospital for 12 days after delivery, with mom on bedrest, … Continue reading

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Begun by someone else, then finished by me

A few weeks ago, someone donated a bunch of yarn and partially completed projects to the Senior Center.  In one of the bigger bags was crocheted pastel squares of three colors, done in sport weight, acrylic yarn.  Some were sewn … Continue reading

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Low-key Eats for Just Us

I’m making a list and checking it against what I have in the pantry. The menu for our T-day is a fresh, never frozen, free-range turkey, raised on an Amish farm gravy StoveTop stuffing from a mix washed, peeled, cooked, … Continue reading

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Digital camera for educational use

The bruise on my left eye caused when I walked into the edge of a door and pushed my glasses into my face. Subject: Diane Wiman Photos taken by Chris Wiman

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Errands Aplenty

this card is from the Pondering Pool The knock on the head really did addle my brain.  I had several errands to do, and I didn’t plan my route very well.  The same intersection 3 different times from various points … Continue reading

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Open Door not so good

There was a dinner at church today.  I helped the Youth Group and the sponsors in the kitchen, and by the time dishes from almost 100 people were done, we were fairly well tuckered out. Since I usually go back … Continue reading

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A song already ordered

I was driving home from dropping off Chris for his last class before Thanksgiving Break (yes, I do take good care of youngest son). There are 2, yes TWO! radio stations in the area already playing Christmas music. One is … Continue reading

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