Is it Really Friday already?

the last few days have been Snow Storm Recovery for us. Our efforts are not so difficult as others, but my shoulders are telling me that shoveling is strenuous exercise.

Oscar does not appreciate the piles of white stuff. I should have my camera handy next time I open the door for him. Such disdain, as only an old cat can show. And I will have to change over the litter box soon. He must be in dire straits, resorting to indoor facilities.

Husband had oral surgery this morning. I’m very glad the storm did not happen on the day of his appointment. As I was in the waiting room, I could eavesdrop on the desk clerks’ phone conversations trying to re-schedule what was missed.
I’m doing Comment updates at his recent blog post front tooth

It was nice to sit in the waiting area and crochet a few rows on a pretty pastels baby blankie. Got a couple comments, and a wistful “I wish I had the patience”. As if patience is why I have a hook in hand– I’m using up personal restless energy in a productive way.

CNN was blathering on the corner tv. The airport at Dallas had to cancel over 600 flights due to freezing rain and 5″ snow on the runways. There is no equipment to handle that type of weather crisis, being so far south.
Chicago would hardly have blipped for 5″ snow. This most recent snowstorm was the first time in 12 years that the Chicago Public Schools closed for Inclement Weather. Go on over to the Chicago Tribune website and look around awhile. Maybe I should give you some of the time I use up for reading it, then we’d both get something more productive done.

It’s Friday. I cannot be thinking about Friday being the end of the week. Three Snow Days off school aka TA Sub job, being Unavailable there for today, so I could be Spousal Support for Husband’s procedure.

Today feels more like a entry for a journal. And it is an ominous, back-of-my-mind kind of annoyance that is not gracious for my body, nor sleep and appetite patterns. Husband says that worry doesn’t solve any problem, and that I should do less of it.

Speaking of eating– my hurried and small breakfast was hours ago,
and having crunched a full scoop of almonds while sitting here typing, I think I should go rustle up some vittles for lunch.
Wonder if the mister would like some scrambled eggs. Those are on the recommended Soft Foods list.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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