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My CHINABERRY catalog came in the mail the other day. Today being Friday, and the afternoon DoF clocks out early for our “date”, I used up about an hour at Latte Time perusing. We’ve been getting that Wish Book ever … Continue reading

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And a Time for Every Purpose

Today was a day for doing what I wanted to do.  And what I put on my list was to get all the stuff into the envelopes for the gift-giving fun.  I love to put things into envelopes.  Things like … Continue reading

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Oh, what fun it is to Write

Hello, Friends!  Didja miss me?! It may be the summertime, and with rather pleasant weather the last few days as well, but I got quite busy with the Edu Psyche class.  The time is mid-Term already! I managed to research … Continue reading

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Snoozing in the Summertime

The last week we’ve been on Guard Duty with the cats and birds.  I make sure the cats are inside whenever no people are at home, and when we are here, everybody will tend to keep a listening ear and … Continue reading

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Sliding in on Father’s Day

There is a research and philosophy paper due for the Edu Psyche class, and the Instructions are not clearly defined and there is much too much thinking to be done.  Overly stressing the details as usual. I had it all … Continue reading

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the I-470 Bridge

We went walking across the Suspension Bridge at Wheeling, WV on Sunday evening May 28, 2006. Chris took this picture of the I-470 bridge which spans the Ohio River, and is downstream from the historic bridge.

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The Birds and the Cat

The other evening when I was trimming tree branches, I was given a severe talking to by a mama cardinal guarding her nest. I might not have even noticed it in the bush behind the garage, but she made sure … Continue reading

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50 and the Legend continues

Several years ago, our niece came to stay with us for a couple weeks.  My oldest son was into origami big time, and he taught her a few of the easier shapes, most importantly, how to fold the lids and … Continue reading

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Moving and Stacking Branches

Last evening I was sitting on the back steps.  It felt good to have a few minutes to relax outside of the air conditioning. However, the beginnings of the cramps were making themselves known in my back.  Long memory tells … Continue reading

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Explanation about the Summer Class

My printer chose this week to die, at exactly one year old. Husband set me up with a “tennis shoe network”, so I have to ask the printer downstairs beside his computer to ink-out my stuff.  It is only one … Continue reading

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