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There and Here but feeling poorly

Just letting everybody know that I arrived back in our little town on the prairie on Tuesday evening. My time away was fine. Visiting a bunch of folks, the Banquet, church services, giving crocheted potholder lessons to my Aunt Ruth, … Continue reading

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Taking Crocheted Bookmarks Outta Town

The bookmark marathon has come to an end for awhile. I found it a bit difficult to get good pictures while the sun is setting. Long shadows for such tiny crochet stitches. My high school’s colors are purple and white. … Continue reading

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He wrote better than me about it

Hello, Folks, I’m busy doing a crocheted bookmark countdown for graduation gifts, so haven’t had much time here. Husband wrote about our trips to the movie theater over the weekend on his blog at Decrepit Old Fool where he tossed … Continue reading

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Saturday Stuff

We slept in all the way until 7:06 this morning. A luxury of having the weekend off. My first glance outside, done without my spectacles, filled the whole window with green.  The maple tree leaves are just about as big … Continue reading

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Happenings of the day

The phone ringing at 6:09am woke us up. Definitely the computerized voice saying there was a job available. At the junior high school within walking distance. As I pressed all the buttons giving my employee ID, the bedside clock’s alarm … Continue reading

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Done without a Warrant

Well, my goodness. I just got home from a day in Kindergarten. The lead teacher was also a substitute, so the class teacher left us 5 pages of detailed notes. We must first admit that Kindergartners are very smart little … Continue reading

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So two weeks was too long

Christopher’s guitar gig in Kemp Recital Hall at I S U photo by George Wiman There has come numerous requests about my well-being. Apparently two weeks between weblog writing is too long. Well, Folks, you may surmise that I have … Continue reading

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