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Two Down, One for reading

Sometime about the middle of January, there were two books with red covers drifting around in my kitchen.  One would be on the center table where I ate breakfast, the other on the shelf next to my chair in the … Continue reading

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Simply Saturday

Breakfast out with Husband, four loads of laundry done, used broom on steps to basement, one and a half potholders crocheted using the afghan stitch, went outside with a pile of throw rugs to shake out in the wind, 18 … Continue reading

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Having the Day Off

Last evening, just before bedtime, I checked the SubFinder computer schedule. The message said “No Jobs Available at this time” so I went over to another category and clicked the Do Not Disturb option for my number.  I really do … Continue reading

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He’s Moved Up!

the very first e-mail I opened this morning was from my friend Mary Ann (the lady who bought my knitted hats for the grand-daughters and their dolls at Christmas) saying “I don’t know if you remember our son, Jon” quickly … Continue reading

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the Cats are Away

Today is a morning free from child care, so I wrote up a list of chores and errands to get done before time to go to Yarn Group. Also will be free from the watchful eyes of cats. We took … Continue reading

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Special Olympic Scarf News

This week in Boise, Idaho, the Winter events of the Special Olympics are happening. Blue and White scarves are the fashion The original goal was 5,000 scarves. 67,000 scarves arrived from all over the world. Willing hands, good times.

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Not so much cheer, Dear

As Momma said in the comments on my last post, it is easy to get worn out in times like these. Although all my activities were on a voluntary basis, and I do feel affirmed for lending willing hands, this … Continue reading

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One Gulp Then Away Again

When we woke up this morning, there was more snow on the ground. Husband and I discussed how much. . . I said 3” / he said 1” but neither of us bothered to find a ruler nor went out … Continue reading

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