The Teacher inside me just sighed

This was written on my Facebook page, but if I copy it here, there is a small chance of finding it again.
It was almost 2 pm and my tummy was saying “Feed Me” so I went to the Hardees drive-thru. Nobody else there, burger order taken quickly. $4.93.
I drove around to the window (still learning how big this car is), handed the kid a $10.
He leans back out, hands me $4.93. I say nNo, my change is Incorrect. $4.93 was the price, from a $10. Change should be more than this.
He dinks with the keys on the machine, drawer will not open again. He leaves to get his supervisor, a young woman maybe maybe 3 years older than he is.
She picks up the money on the counter, gets the drawer to open, leans back through the window– hands me the original $4.93, another $1, and a $10 on the top.
I say nNo, my change is Incorrect. She takes all of it from my outstretched palm. Closes the window. Calls the young guy over. They look at the screen, discuss money. Leans back out the window, carefully counts out 5 ones, nickel and 2 pennies into my open palm.
Without a word, closes the window, turns and walks away. I wait. I like how big this car is– I can see what is happening inside the room. The person in the car behind me honks horn. From across the room, I can see the female supervisor turn and see me still there. She comes to the window, opens it with great irritation on her face. “What!?!”
I smiled sweetly. “My food… please?”
Oscar and I were delighted with so much yummy sandwich.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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