The Teacher inside me just sighed

This was written on my Facebook page, but if I copy it here, there is a small chance of finding it again.
It was almost 2 pm and my tummy was saying “Feed Me” so I went to the Hardees drive-thru. Nobody else there, burger order taken quickly. $4.93.
I drove around to the window (still learning how big this car is), handed the kid a $10.
He leans back out, hands me $4.93. I say nNo, my change is Incorrect. $4.93 was the price, from a $10. Change should be more than this.
He dinks with the keys on the machine, drawer will not open again. He leaves to get his supervisor, a young woman maybe maybe 3 years older than he is.
She picks up the money on the counter, gets the drawer to open, leans back through the window– hands me the original $4.93, another $1, and a $10 on the top.
I say nNo, my change is Incorrect. She takes all of it from my outstretched palm. Closes the window. Calls the young guy over. They look at the screen, discuss money. Leans back out the window, carefully counts out 5 ones, nickel and 2 pennies into my open palm.
Without a word, closes the window, turns and walks away. I wait. I like how big this car is– I can see what is happening inside the room. The person in the car behind me honks horn. From across the room, I can see the female supervisor turn and see me still there. She comes to the window, opens it with great irritation on her face. “What!?!”
I smiled sweetly. “My food… please?”
Oscar and I were delighted with so much yummy sandwich.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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Link to Lovely Wedding Dress story

I was a Lucky Man


Sweet! E-bay’s Winning bid: £2,910.00 [ 42 bids ]
1 British Pound equals 1.59 USA Dollar
$4621.37 and the proceeds go to the shop where the fella made the donation

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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My Birthday age 59

Today is my birthday. I have not been feeling well for more than a week, which was when I went to the Walk-In Clinic with diagnosis Contact Dermatitis. A shot in the hip and prescription for Prednisone for allergy relief, and now recovery with side effect of the drugs. However, today is my birthday, and I am feeling well enough that I wanted a good birthday supper and some strawberry shortcake to celebrate.
But first, a side trip to Great Harvest Bakery for a free cookie, and a loaf of bread. Since the medicine is supposed to be taken with food, I’m thinking a slice of tasty toast would be just the thing.
Onward to Michael’s Crafts. Yarn for knitting peg loom baby hats is on sale.
While I was looking around, I noticed a small girl in front of the plastic figurine shelf display. Her dad was nearby, waiting so patiently. The girl had a fairy princess with a purple dress sitting by her feet on the floor. She was now in front of the animals. She would look at each, put one next to the princess. Then she would find another, put the first back on the shelf, sit down the newer choice. I deduced that her dad had said she is allowed to buy 2.
So I asked why is she here, what makes this purchase so special? she shrugged wearily, and said “cuz I’m with Dad”. I assumed this is the afternoon of the week when it is Dad’s time with daughter, and he believes a crafts store is where a little girl likes to go. Not much hints to go on, so I could be mistaken.
I took in a big breath and said “I am here to spend a little birthday money.” She looked away from the animal figurines and right at me. “How old are you?” I grinned and said “this is the last year that I get to write a 5 first on my age. I am 59 years old!”
Her eyes got huge. “Wow! so Old!” Her dad had a big intake of breath.
I grinned at her. “Well, I have lived a good life. And I know of someone who is older than me. Today is also the birthday of Prince Phillip, the Queen of England’s husband. He is 94 years old today. I am very happy to share my birthday with him. HE could be my grandpa!” She was speechless for a few seconds, then said “I am only 4 years old”. I smiled at her and said I hope she has a Happy Birthday when she turns 5.
As I rounded the corner to the yarn aisle, she called out “Happy Birthday!” I stopped and looked back at her, and got a bit sentimental. “Thank You” I said. “You just helped to make it better”

Later at the grocery store, where I was buying the fixins for Cheesy Potato Casserole, and Meatloaf, and Broccoli, I saw a woman that I know from around town. I struck up a conversation with her, about it being my birthday, and interacting with a little girl at the other store. She listened so nicely, then patted my arm and wished me a Happy Birthday also.

Here at home, as supper was in the oven (why did I choose oven cooking when the temperature is 90° outside?) I told the story to my guys in the kitchen. And later, when son’s sweetie came by after her job, and she did have some strawberries, I told the story again, meaning the guys heard it twice and did not even interrupt.

And now ’tis time for clean-up. Glad for a dishwasher. Might leave some things for in the morning. Because it is my birthday and Summer lazy time…

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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In time for Daughters remembering Mothers Day

Never Grow a Wishbone
is a mighty fine poem
Iffen I save the link here, there is a chance I might find it again

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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Outside my Window at 7:15 this morning First Snow


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Taking it outside

the table on the patio was just about the only horizontal space open, and the advantage of lovely weather

Towels folded, and none too soon

Towels folded, and none too soon

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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Story of the latest baby blankie

This is the blankie I crocheted this Spring, going to a friend of a friend. I did collect compensation, which got a bit of additional bonus. The gal has a baby coming in June, and has already received the gift. I’m told there were tears, and glad to have the letter of explanation.
The cotton hat just happened to be on my head when the photo was taken. I crocheted it and will donate to the cancer center Chemo treatment rooms.


Here is the letter I wrote as the story of the blankie, which I printed and enclosed for the giftee.

When Holly mentioned during Winter Break that she would like for me to crochet a cotton baby blankie for a friend’s baby due in June… I thought– no problem, all the time in the world.
Then I went looking at Crafts websites, and realized I should be getting the thread into the house, and Herrschner’s had a “Free Shipping” time going on, and so the color got chosen, ordered, and into the house before Valentine’s Day. Whew!
Then came my marathon Yarn Projects for the Mennonite Relief Sale in middle of March. After bags of the small items for Donation and sales, that Saturday evening I was quite ready to begin the bigger project with the tiny thread.
I got the foundation chain and 3 rows done that first evening. And then I crocheted every now and then, sometimes taking time aside for a different project such as a friend’s birthday market bag, or a bookmark for a sympathy card. It was a little longer than 2 weeks to do the first 2 balls of crochet thread. I love to listen to music while I crochet, and over Spring Break from my job in the school system, I was on a play list of guys– Donny Osmond. Dan Fogelberg. Bon Jovi. and Darius Rucker.
I tied on the third ball on the first Friday in April, but did not hook further.

On the first Saturday of April, my husband George, had a medical emergency. I grabbed my crochet bag holding supplies for the Monet Multi colors baby blankie. To pass the time while doing bedside vigil, I crocheted… letting the hook form loops rather than my stomach have knots.

Sunday morning, the procedure for his repairs took place. I was alone in the Waiting Room for over an hour, my hands busy with hook and thread.
When the doctor came out, he walked over to me, grabbed up the bottom of the blankie, caressing it, and exclaiming over and over how lovely it is. That is a wonderful memory for me, his often scrubbed skin, holding close the fabric. He asked if it is for sale– and at my reply that it is already spoken for, he looked crestfallen.
He says if I ever want to make another, he would like to buy it.
At last, he said the situation was taken care of, gave me the good news that my husband should be getting better, but he would have to stay another overnight. My mister got to come home on Monday afternoon.
on Monday evening, I tied on the next ball of thread. I had crocheted 300 yards (274 meters) of thread, using a 2mm hook, in 2 days. My hobby is a stress reliever.

Husband was home the rest of that week, he and the cat looked after each other, so I worked a couple extra days. Evenings, I was just tired enough to be home with tv shows and crochet hook.
During the hooking of the last 2 balls of thread, my listening pleasure leaned toward the girls, a cd (new for me) Soundtrack by Linda Eder. Alison Krauss. Enya. Then I crocheted the border while watching a dvd for the third time WE BOUGHT A ZOO.

I finished the baby blanket on the last Thursday in April. On Friday, I went to my storage bins, chose yarn, then used 3 strands of yarn together, and a very large old wood crochet hook, to make a mat for a dog bed, and will donate to the Humane Society.
It was the opposite type of motion, from the small stitches.
Today, I looked at the leftover Monet multi thread, and decided to hook a nice, small bookmark for a gift to you. the very same thread, just a different size hook and pattern.
the Blankie is 100% cotton, should be laundered in warm water, and perma press dryer.
I usually recommend putting inside a Delicates laundry bag, then lay flat while still warm.
Have enclosed a wrapper from the crochet thread… Care instructions are printed if you are worried.
I hope the new little one will learn to like the blankie. I sure had fun making it!
~~love and Huggs, Diane

and here is the mat for the dog bed 30″ x 32″

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Outside my Window at 10 am Tuesday


the weather outside is not delightful, so I opted to Ignore the Unit 5 SubFinder System to stay home

I will be crocheting on a couple potholders to donate to the Mennonite Relief Sale coming up in a few weeks.
Oscar will be asking for me to open the door, and when he finds that a sunny warm day ain’t happening, he will do a U-walk around my ankles, back to his warm spot in the middle of the king-size bed.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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New Year’s Eve


Oscar's paw prints in the snow. He only made it 3" from the mat

Oscar’s paw prints in the snow. He only made it 3″ from the mat

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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First Snow- Outside my Window

Had a Winter storm overnight.
this is what I see when I turn my chair to look out the window

Morning after the First Snow 21 December 2012

Morning after the First Snow 21 December 2012

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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