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Banned Book means Good Reading

This is Banned Books Week and the Barnes and Noble Bookstore on the ISU campus was the host for oral readings from Banned and/or Challenged Books. My Husband signed on as a Reader.  He was asked to read for 10 … Continue reading

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The Needs of the Many

One of the advantages for not having a job is being able to do some volunteer work.  The old saying ‘time is Money’ really rings true in my case. The other day, the church’s office manager called and asked if … Continue reading

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Yet Another Step

Today I attended a class about writing a Resume at my alma mater, HCC.  The Instructor said that 5 people had Registered, but I was the only one there sitting in a seat. It seems that finding a job has … Continue reading

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Applesauce—Ready to Eat

I washed all the dishes I used for prep, and the last thing I did before I left the house was to put the applesauce into a container and into the fridge. When I got back, the house still smelled … Continue reading

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Starting Applesauce

Husband and I rode our bicycles to McDs for breakfast. When I got home, I started looking for a picture of my grandma to send to my cousin in Alaska.  Before I began organizing the study, I could have told … Continue reading

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Middle of the Night

Oy, Folks, I found myself in front of the computer at 4:48am.  I’ve been awake since 3:34am, and got tired of listening to the regular breathing pattern of my husband beside me, and the girl cat over on her mat. … Continue reading

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Women’s Retreat at Friedenswald

The third weekend in September is always on my schedule for a Women’s Retreat.  When I have a job, being able to get away for 4 days in early Autumn is the deal-breaker.  We ladies from the church make arrangements … Continue reading

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Whisps of Laughter

In the first gray light of dawn, about halfway between sleeping and having to get out of bed and head to the bathroom, I dreamed I heard my dad laughing.  I started to turn over, and realized that Husband was … Continue reading

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Kitchen Utensil found a home

A couple of the folks who were at the Women’s Retreat with me have already heard this story, but I want to write about it here. Not so much to brag, but to walk past this memory and lay it … Continue reading

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Meeting me while going somewhere else

Whewee, what a week!  Monday morning was a Work Day for the church ladies group.  First thing we did was stuff a couple dozen medical kits. We cut, counted, and bundled 600 Labels for Education, which I sent off in … Continue reading

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