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Genesis says they made themselves loin coverings

Being quite particular about what I’m willing to have next to my skin for hours at a time, I can understand other people being the same way when it comes to choice of clothes. One of my earliest memories is … Continue reading

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Yard Entertainment

I sat down near the south window to do a little knitting on the tiny pegs loom. It really helps to have bright light over my shoulder, and the folding tray for support. Instead of picking up the yarn and … Continue reading

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A Mishmash of Stuff trying to wear me down

So my day actually began yesterday, when Husband’s car, which I was driving to work because mine is already in the shop for transmission work, his car decided to glare a little red light on the dashboard. It had something … Continue reading

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Granny Squares Aphgan

Over Christmas Break, I re-arranged a few boxes and shelves in my hobby room (aka the first bedroom on the left, which was Firstborn Son’s room for a long time). In there, I found a plastic tub with crocheted granny … Continue reading

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