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Thursday only seems Busy

Oy, Folks, I was not at a job today, but I stayed busy anyway. I got my sister’s birthday gift in the mail—the line at the P.O. was long, but jovial. Then I walked across the parking lot to the … Continue reading

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Simple on Sunday

Iffen you ever want to have some fun at a public gathering, take a 50% off coupon and go buy a little toy duck which goes QUACK when you press its back. I got one while I was out and … Continue reading

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Blankie done before holiday, which was good

Yes, Folks, we had a fine Thanksgiving. All the usual fixins.  I’m a good cook. Us and the 2 younger sons and one of the girlfriends. I got through another holiday without hearing from our oldest son.  One would think … Continue reading

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He’s got Pictures Aplenty

My Husband, aka Decrepit Old Fool has put up a photo album of our anniversary getaway. sidenote—there are more than a hundred photos in the album We were in Hannibal, Missouri, the first week of November. Some of the time, … Continue reading

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Having a Thursday Off

the ironing board has been in the living room for days the towels are folded but need put away the container holding items for re-cycling overflows Maybe if I get these chores done this morning, I can have a little … Continue reading

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Working the Leg Muscles

After sitting for a 3 hour ride, the town of Hannibal, Missouri was a welcome sight. We needed to get out of the car and move around awhile. The end of the street looked promising. There were steps leading past … Continue reading

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Leaf Pirates

We saw an unusually beautiful little tree between the restaurant and hotel.  Naturally MrsDoF had to pluck a leaf and carry it inside. I got to the hotel room – no Mrs!  I figured she’d either gotten into a conversation … Continue reading

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Away we is going for our Anniversary

Before I go out of town until Wednesday, I guess I should give some Filler as an update: My words have been scarce ‘round these parts, but I’ve been having a Whee of a time elsewhere. I worked 4 days … Continue reading

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