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Looking online

So I have used up quite a bit of today looking online and through books for good reads about women/ motherhood/ friendship.  This is just in case the other folks who come to the Salad Supper get a bit shy … Continue reading

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Takin’ it easy

There might come a post later, or not. The Series Finale of JAG is on TV tonight, and I surely don’t want to miss Harm and Mac on their last adventure. While I’m away, you might try to learn what … Continue reading

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Getting it done

The only exercise I have gotten today is walking from the parking lot into class, then back out to the car.  I always park near the same tree, no matter what time I have the first class.  That way, I … Continue reading

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Swans in Alaska

When I returned from Algebra class, I found an e-mail waiting from my cousin who lives in Fairbanks, Alaska. “Hi folks, It is spring time at my house.  The snow is melting and the ice on the river is slowly … Continue reading

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listening to NPR

while listening to National Public Radio, I learned that the guy’s voice was reporting from Washington, D.C.  I heard a word relating to someone in the House of Representatives, but in my usual absent-minded way when it comes to politics, … Continue reading

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Avoiding writing

Recently someone sent an e-mail to me saying that I haven’t been writing with much depth.  She is one who remembers when my Dear Ones messages were a writing outlet, when it was an earnest personal view for daily circumstances. … Continue reading

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The ahem, Social Calendar….

schooling, eerrrggh! Dear Sis, I had a meeting with my Academic Advisor on Monday.  She helped explain how I should be able to register for classes Online because I are stoopid and could not get in by the deadline.  The … Continue reading

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Evening good….

I got my Algebra homework done before the National Geographic Special about alien species invaders comes on PBS.  I feel like I am in 7th grade and waiting to see Bobby Sherman.

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Happy Birthday, Denise!

Today is my sister Denise’s birthday. On this date, in the year she was born 1958  62nd Boston Marathon won by Franjo Mihalic of Yugoslavia in 2:25:54 We shared a bedroom for 20 years, and I still remember the day … Continue reading

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Clara’s blanket

This is a picture of my friend Sue’s newest grandbaby.  She was born in Germany and is using the blanket I crocheted and sent over about a month ago. Clara Anicca 10:41 p.m. Saturday 16 April 2005 7 lbs 10 … Continue reading

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