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Happy Birthday!  Chris is Legal!

Friday will be the birthday of youngest son Chris. My ‘baby’ is turning legal and will be age 21. Here he is the summer of 1989, when he was four and a half. He is now a junior at ISU, … Continue reading

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the Current Crochet Project

Yellow Prayer Shawl requested for April 13 eighteen inches (32 rows) plus the border left to go ~~love and Huggs, Diane

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the Birthday Stuff Portrait Friday

This day is special because I am able to play Stuff Portrait Friday, which I haven’t done in quite awhile. If you want to see what everyone else has written, then go over and check the Comments at Random and … Continue reading

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Gravel and Snow

A few feet from the driveway March 22, 2006

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Erratic Leftovers

“Scatterbrain drifts over the Fairyland unnoticed and pleased with himself. He has no worries or problems, because all he hears goes in one ear and out the other. Do you know any such persons?” Lately my thoughts have been scattered.  … Continue reading

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Walking past the Hearts-at-Home 2006

A few years ago, one of the sons told me that it is a mile to walk to our post office.  Well, on Friday, I had some parcels to get going, and the weather was warm and sunny, holding the … Continue reading

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Kids and Jobs

Over at Owlhaven Opinion Saturday, Mary has asked how our family handles(d) kids and jobs and chores and allowance. I like the way Perri said it in the Comments over there.  Very similar outlook over here. Our sons’ own rooms … Continue reading

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Writing on the Weblog

A few years ago a t-shirt was given to my husband. It was a gift from his sister because he had done something great with her computer and website, so she thought Gary Larson’s cartoon was quite appropriate. This morning … Continue reading

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The Way This was Handled

Okay, Folks, this led to a lengthy and heated and gender-biased discussion in my kitchen this evening. Would you please go over and read about Deputy Lawdog and Opal?  The post is March 2, but I think the link works … Continue reading

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Sitting Around with Cotton Squares

Outside, the clouds are gray and gloomy, and the radio weather man says 100% chance of precipitation.  It doesn’t seem to matter that the temperature is at least 8o warmer than usual for this time of year, just looking out … Continue reading

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