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Sad News about Actress Jean Simmons

Online info tells me that the actress Jean Simmons has passed away on today’s date.  I really hope she meets my dad in heaven because he sure had a “crush” on her back in the day.  She was a beauty, … Continue reading

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A little note

The cat is upset that I have not left the computer to fix his bedtime snack, so this is gonna be short. I’m a bit busy with yarn and thread projects, with the Mennonite Relief Sale only two months away. … Continue reading

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Complaints being taken care of

Our kitchen is wanting all kinds of attention today. It must have known we would have a holiday off. My plan of putting our bedclothes through the laundry has been set aside because the water to the whole house is … Continue reading

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Takin’ It Easy on a Winter Day

Today was a 3-point errand route Post Office to mail off a birthday package Credit Union for monthly CASH McDs for Eats, which I decided to bring home since I was alone with nothing to read somewhat of a mistake, … Continue reading

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The Power of a Popular Show

There is hearsay evidence that the State of the Union speech by our US President Obama was re-scheduled because of a conflict with the Season Premiere of the television show LOST. Must go verify this non-news. ~~love and Huggs, Diane

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Snow on Snow on Snow

Today was a Snow Day for schools, and the Activity Center where I go for my Needlework Group.  Then I got an e-mail saying this evening’s committee meeting also cancelled, so I am one woman who is happy to stay … Continue reading

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a Year in Review

the 2009 calendar from the door of the fridge is about to be stored up on the high shelf, so I am looking through for the highlights JANUARY was typical winter weather for the prairie, yet I had TA Sub … Continue reading

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First Crochet of the Year

Aunt Lydia’s bedspread cotton color is called Monet multi first bookmarks done with it Awhile back, I told someone the story of my yarn spindles that one in the picture is my latest it’s actually a paper towel holder, but … Continue reading

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Blank Pages now have Scrawls

My hand has writer’s cramp from filling in all the spaces in my new planner/schedule/ Holy time-keeper. First was days School is closed, next is days I’m already booked for a TA Sub job, then Child Care Volunteer, then appointments, … Continue reading

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Got it All for Christmas

A few days ago, someone asked me what was my favorite thing I got for Christmas. Well, since my own sister tells me that I am “hard to buy for” I will say that I did not get too many … Continue reading

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