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Crocheted potholders of the Week

Six pair crocheted cotton potholders As of right now…. Destination Unknown ~~love and Huggs, Diane ps this picture was taken on the picnic table on the patio the comb is used for grooming cats

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Outside my Window Today

Today was the first morning in 12 days when I did not have to set my alarm clock to get up and be somewhere at a specific time. Well, guess what! I woke up anyway. Plus, the cats have decided … Continue reading

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Blues and Yellow Bookmark

My sister sent a picture of the bookmark I crocheted for her birthday As I mentioned before, I probably won’t make another of that pattern for awhile. ~~love and Huggs, Diane

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A Brighter Day

Today the thermometer touched the number 80o with the sun shining bright.  I worked in a room at a junior high where I can tell the kids have matured much over the past several months and are getting ready to … Continue reading

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Not soon to be forgotten

Most of my TA Sub jobs the last couple weeks have come through the computer system “by Request” meaning whoever sent in the notice knows my Employee number and wants specifically ME to work that day. This is all well … Continue reading

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Not much, how ‘bout you? II

I was about halfway home from the post office, mocha bianca latte in hand, when I remembered that I had not taken a picture of the last bookmark I made. It was way too late to think of it then, … Continue reading

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My Déja Vu is happening all over again

This week, I have been seeing my age. Now I know there is an old saying about ‘feeling’ my age, but that usually leans toward my body’s aches and pains. No, lately, I have been ‘seeing’ my age. It began … Continue reading

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I woulda done this for free

The SubFinder computer system had no job openings last night before I went to bed.  I guess cold and ‘flu season is passing.  No phone calls at the crack of dawn, and the same blank screen when I logged in … Continue reading

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It’s not in my mind, it does matter

For years, folks have often poked fun at my sensitivity (read that as active dislike) of perfumes, potpourri, air fresheners and their ilk. Some have even hinted that it is annoying to be with me during certain situations because of … Continue reading

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Camouflage Aphgan as gift for nephew

Today, the first Saturday in April, was to have been my nephew’s wedding.  His dear girl called off the whole deal a couple months ago. I’ve been thinking about him all day, but last report from my sister says he … Continue reading

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