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Sweet History—-Must. Let. Go. Now.

For the past little while, I have been going through all the stuff in the study.  Twenty-three years living in this house, what has accumulated is overwhelming. I keep stopping to get sentimental, especially about items from our sons’ childhoods. … Continue reading

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Quick with Quips

Guitar chords of the theme song from the TV show Hogan’s Heroes were wafting down the hallway. I asked the son why he was playing them. His answer “Homework”. A few minutes later as he entered the kitchen, I mentioned … Continue reading

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White Flowers up the street

The sun finally came out these can be seen at the end of a driveway on Normal Avenue

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Two great hunters

I found this and many others at Go Comics dot com toon in daily. I’m not going to link it because we’ve been having some really weird spam coming in, getting past the filters and ruining my good sentiments. This … Continue reading

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Donations: One Box and No Unit

Well, I filled a box with children’s books and before I could change my mind about any of them, I carried it off to the public library.  There will be a used book sale next month.  I’ll try my best … Continue reading

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Not much, how ‘bout you?

Neato pictures are further down! Trying desperately to come up with something to say lately. No, really, life is fairly routine right now. Last week, middle son, Lucas had a meeting with his Academic Advisor at the U of I/Urbana, … Continue reading

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Wasn’t it Yesterday?

The movie Saturday Night Fever was released the summer of my 21st birthday. Twice I went to see it.  The first time with a guy/date.  He got jealous while I sat drooling over John Travolta’s dance moves. A couple weeks … Continue reading

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Maybe I’ll be out of the house

While sitting here waiting for a phone call, I got to thinking about the trip back to the Valley which happened the end of May.  It seems like that was the last situation I was truly excited about, the driving, … Continue reading

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Idiom: Snake in the Grass

Meaning: Someone who is a snake in the grass betrays you even though you have trusted them. While I shouldn’t call my own dear husband such names, I’m wondering why in the world he can’t just cut the grass already? … Continue reading

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Stone arches

The historic and recently restored Blaine Bridge on the old National Road in eastern Ohio. photo by Diane Wiman last Saturday in May 2006 Have a nice weekend!

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