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Class and getting there

I can say the communication has stepped up quite a bit for the transportation of the family.  For this evening’s class, I will be driving son’s car!  Yikes! The classes and homework are going fine.  Math class is getting into … Continue reading

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Playing Taps for Van

The weekend went by way too quickly.  Most of the time, I was reading for classes.   For the Math class, I am to ask questions and take notes about what I am reading, then come into the scheduled time … Continue reading

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He’s Home!

After a couple minor complications and some extra time in the hospital after open heart surgery, our friend John is home.  And he slowly walked a mile around his subdivision!  Way to go!  Thanks for modern medicine, skilled hands, and … Continue reading

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Weary too soon

Some things I have learned about the community college: ** Unless in dire straits, do not use the restroom closest to the cafeteria.  The one at the far end of the hall on the 2nd floor is much, much cleaner, … Continue reading

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Gonna miss her

This is copied from On September 1st “For Better or For Worse” will be discontinued due to the fact that the creator has not renewed her contract with As of September 1st the strip will no longer be … Continue reading

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Casual Encounter

There are honors that come along in life for which one will never see a trophy or a certificate.  Little everyday happenings, and realizing their significance comes later, much later. Having lived in this town for more than 22 years, … Continue reading

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Next Oscar Nominee

Perhaps an Academy Award is in my future. How should I behave towards the former boss, the one who fired me, the person who said I should write up my side of the story, did not even read it and … Continue reading

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Share the Streets

This evening, I was going down to meet Husband at the coffee shop to celebrate TGIF.  I rode my bicycle because the dorm move-in traffic is all confusing. The streets that are not blocked off are temporarily going One Way, … Continue reading

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First Day of Classes

What a whirlwind of a Day! Educational Psyche at 9:30am and we had to fill out little cards to say something about ourselves.  The Instructor seemed a bit impressed that I have my own weblog, and smiled a bit when … Continue reading

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Term of Endearment

My dear husband has a habit of calling me ‘Honey’ which is fine except when he uses it as the beginning of saying something which will correct me or when he’s upset about whatever he wants me to change.  It’s … Continue reading

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