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Still Having it Easy

When I got up this morning, SubFinder said No Jobs Available.  I checked back in a few minutes, it said one at a junior high, so I clicked on it.  The screen read Job being considered by someone else.  Check … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving 2009

The writing prompt for Tuesday’s 8th grade Writing class What is your favorite thing about Thanksgiving? (at least 3 complete sentences) Apparently, Karen at Chookooloonks gave herself the assignment as well, and in her usual cheerful way, went beyond the … Continue reading

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Machine Fixed, Now I Gotta Fill It

Dishwasher Repairman just leaving. Sez the problem was the Fill Valve not closing, therefore the machine kept having water flow in, which causes overflow.  Old Fill Valve corroded because of our hard water and old pipes.  The shut-off valve to … Continue reading

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Relax on the day before a holiday

Today is the first of a 5 day school break, at least for Subs and students. Teachers and Staff have Institute Day, many meetings. I will be at home happily waiting for the dishwasher repairman (supposed to be here before … Continue reading

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Students Fine, Teacher a bit Unreasonable

Today, I failed First Grade.  Well, at least parts of it.  The time when I decided 38 minutes was long enough to be sitting on a carpet square on the floor, so I stood up before the teacher finished her … Continue reading

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The Jam is A-cookin’

Teresa’s Aronia Berry jelly makes a large batch, but the market is too far away from my house.

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Water in too many places

Seems like Facebook got alot of my attention today. Here’s my latest Status Update: Knitted two little blue hats this evening.  The bube-tube has good side effects. The downspout is making so much noise from rain water. I’ll bet the … Continue reading

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Sweet Saturday Morning!

It being the weekend, I did a little extra staying in bed, with two pairs of yellow eyes watching my every twitch to see if I might get up and head towards the kitchen.  They were fed an hour later … Continue reading

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Good Thursday Morning!

When the phone rang, I thought it would be the confirmation for the furnace guy expected this morning.  However, it was the assistant principal for an elementary school wanting me to work a TA Sub job today. When I explained … Continue reading

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Meeting, Laundry, Pizza, Tooth

This morning was the monthly meeting of Mennonite Women, a nice group at church.  We did some crafty activities, such as a knotted comforter, putting together the quilt frame and layers of fabric to do a handsewn crib quilt, cutting … Continue reading

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