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Latest Few Days

My night was short, with very fitful sleep. Went to bed late while waiting for news about Youngest Son’s girlfriend. She was asked to check on the house and to take care of critters while a friend was out of … Continue reading

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Oh, Dear, Look at the Time!

Here I sit well past bedtime. Actually, I was in bed at a sweet hour, but I have the beginnings of head cold problems and sinus drainage, causing all kinds of deep coughs. It’s what comes of being in places … Continue reading

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Weekend Over, and how Fast!

What a whirlwind of a weekend I had for my social life! Actually, Friday was fairly tame, what with SubFinder saying No Jobs Available, then watching tv in the evening. Saturday started with Husband and me having breakfast out. We … Continue reading

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Sunday is almost Over

Here I sit procrastinating paperwork. Some of it is routine bill paying, there’s a birthday card needing a signature and stuffing of the envelope. Also the beginning pages of the mountain for medical finance. Very grateful for my desktop copier, … Continue reading

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Is it Really Friday already?

the last few days have been Snow Storm Recovery for us. Our efforts are not so difficult as others, but my shoulders are telling me that shoveling is strenuous exercise. Oscar does not appreciate the piles of white stuff. I … Continue reading

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