Out There, then Home Again

During yesterday’s church announcement was an invitation to a baby girl shower on Saturday 12 February. Which leaves me less than 2 weeks to crochet a baby blankie!

I had decided to have today off, since the furnace guy was coming at 2pm for the routine check-up. Which left the morning to go out for a few groceries. After looking through my bins and shelfs of yarn, I decided that something brand new and well-chosen would be more fun to work with my hook.

First stop at Kroger got most of the fixins for chicken noodle casserole. Husband wants some for leftovers to carry as his lunch. There were no carts in the entry area! It seems everybody is getting ready for a blizzard. Forecast is about 15 inches.

I usually get a rotisserie chicken at SAM’s, but was thinking about the yarn, so I pulled into Walmart next. Their sport weight yarn section was almost bare, as in a couple knotty skeins without labels, and 6 plain white. I almost cried. Today was the first time in quite awhile that I left Walmart with empty hands.

Then I crossed the street to Meijer. I had to return/replace an item that was broken when I took it from the package. It was more crowded than either of the first 2 stores. But it does have BERNAT Super Value 4-ply yarn, and so I bought 7 skeins of pretty pastels to crochet the blankie. Being thicker and bigger hook, I should be able to get it done in time, although I do prefer sport weight.

I was pretty worn out by then, so I just went over to their deli to get a chicken. They looked so puny compared to SAM’s that I had to leave it be. Nor did I want to drive to another store, so I bought a whole chicken cut-up on sale from the Poultry refrigerator.

the first white flakes hit the windshield as I turned the corner to my street home

Had put chicken in to roast while I was waiting for the furnace guy.

the meat will be ready to pick apart in a few minutes, then I’ll have to be prepping the casserole

Which means I won’t be able to handle hook and yarn for awhile yet. It will be my personal reward for all the other stuff going on today.

As if I’m not busy enough, I have to medicate a blistered-and-itching-as-hell cold sore on the right edge of my lower lip.
Nice to have a coupon for $3 off the Abreva tiny tube.

I sure am glad for Husband’s good job, cuz the debit card got a workout today. I cain’t even give him a kiss of gratitude.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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