Word Usage while Walking

My glasses have been out of alignment since Monday when accidentally I got knocked upside the head by a disabled student whom I was repositioning from wheelchair to lunch table, and two trips to the eyecare center haven’t got ‘em right yet.  Bleh.  My left ear is so sore that I cannot tell if all my recent fiddlin got the piece curved properly or not.  Bleh.  And the headache caused by eyestrain had me resting on the sofa until the phone rang.  Bleh.

So I’m wearing my first bi-focals from 2003, and by crackety, these are quite proper with fit on my nose and ear, and reading what’s on screen.  Still, I’ll have to try again with adjustment for the newest one, if only to have some lenses with fewer scratches.

As I was walking home from the job yesterday, I was thinking that Husband and I are “out of sink”.  He was home sick for a couple days, I’ve had a concentration problem due to eyewear worry, so we have been a bit snappish with each other.  As if troubles within our separate bodies cannot let us appreciate being a mate with the other.

I’m walking along deep in thought, looking around only when I need to cross a busy street.  Strolling home from work on wide sidewalks and a sunny afternoon is a luxury.

I got to thinking about writing a blog post saying that “out of sink” sounds better saying it aloud than writing the words.  Sink is the place to wash dishes, so for a couple to be “out of sink” might mean we have argued about trivial placement of used bowl and spoon.

Sink also means to go under water, but even with all the rain lately, our basement has remained dry, and the dehumidifier machine’s bucket gets emptied twice a day.

I’m walking along Main Street, thinking that “out of sink” wasn’t making sense and how could I write about it.  Then a thought bounced in that “sink” is not the correct word at all, but “sync” which is short form of synchronized which means to operate in unison.

And so a whole blog post got written inside my head while I was walking, yet when I turned the key in the lock of the front door and two cats greeted me, words disappeared.

What stayed-in seemed to be a little more entertaining than what is here, even though I have gone to the thesaurus three times for better word forms.

But here ya have it, Husband and I need to return to “being in sync” in time for our wedding anniversary later this month.
Discussion is ongoing as to how we shall celebrate.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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