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We Laughed at the Same Thing

This morning as Husband and I were walking across the parking lot and into the restaurant for breakfast, we spied a bumper sticker with a picture of a set of rings and the words “My Marriage is Fireproof”.  This became … Continue reading

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Center of Attention

This morning, I was chauffeur for a friend who had an appointment.  She says it usually takes about an hour and a half, so I carried along my latest yarn project, a nice baby blankie crocheted using the Diagonal Box … Continue reading

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Starting to get busy

Yep, the phone rang at 6:01am for a TA Sub job at the junior high closest to the house, so I will walk Gotta put down my crochet hook for awhile. Welcome to the new school year! ~~love and Huggs, … Continue reading

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Good Things are Here

I am in the middle of baking some Zucchini Bread, with sugar and spices laid out all over the table. There is a beef roast in the crock pot as well. A knock on the door from our latest mail … Continue reading

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Hats and Yard Sales

Having used Christmas gift money to buy a coveted peg loom, I figured I should use it to knit more than the one baby hat donated to the Relief Sale last Spring. It was purchased from DaLooms.  Since their handmade … Continue reading

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Pinks Bookmarks for Donation

In a couple weeks, my friend Linda from Yarn Group will be sitting at a booth selling crafts to benefit breast cancer research. to help fill the basket and display a bit of variety I crocheted a half dozen bookmarks … Continue reading

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the School Year is come,  with Prayer and Songs

In case you didn’t notice the announcement written on hundreds of signs in yards all over town, this evening was the service for Opening the School Year in Prayer out at Eastview Church. I got there early enough to find … Continue reading

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Movie(s) watched so no chores done

Over the weekend, we rented a dvd movie of Gran Torino starring Clint Eastwood Husband wrote about it at Decrepit Old Fool. there is much much cussing in the movie, the use of guns, and a girl with bruises implying … Continue reading

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Sunday, Sweet Sunday

Today my memory is all gone away. Must be the heat. Real Prairie Summer happened overnight. There was a breakfast this morning for Sunday school teachers of the coming year.  I’m a Substitute, and had an invitation.  Did not remember … Continue reading

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It’s Not You, It’s Me means I’m Busy

Yesterday morning, some terrible storms blew through the area, so dark at 9:30 that the streetlights came on.  I didn’t have anywhere to go in a hurry, so I sat in the breakfast nook crocheting.  Oscar is so scared of … Continue reading

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