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First Snow this season II

the Temperature lady on the phone says it is 30oF, there’s almost 4” of snow on the ground, flakes are still falling. Outside my window 30 November 2008 I have decided to forego church service due to inclement weather. Plus, … Continue reading

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Same Ol’ Saturday Stuff

Only a few accomplishments done today.  First was going out for breakfast with my spouse, but we didn’t talk much.  We’ve already had two days together to catch up, so we got right at forking in food.  Besides, there were … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!  2008

Whenever we have a bigger package, the carrier leaves the mail between the doors at the front of the house.  A few days ago I figgered I should go out to the mail box to find out what had been … Continue reading

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Delay in crocheting a baby aphgan

There’s a Baby Shower happening at church this coming Friday afternoon. I’ve known there was a “bun in the oven” for quite awhile now, back in September I began to crochet an aphgan while riding in the van going to … Continue reading

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Middle School Woes

For the two days that classes are in session this week, I am working at a junior high as a TA Sub Classroom Assistant and Group Tutor. First Hour is 7th Grade Language Arts, 7th Hour is 8th Grade Industrial … Continue reading

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Peg Loom knitted doll hats

Lots of fun, I’ve been having. A friend asked if I would be willing to work up some hats for baby dolls in time for holidays with the grand-kids.  Even gave me some Fun Fur yarn to get started, and … Continue reading

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Crocheted potholders and knitted hats

Last winter I peg-loomed a purple hat as a gift for my youngest sister.  She wanted one to match her coat, and says the one I sent was ju-ust right.  Then she mentioned that her husband would like one in … Continue reading

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It Would Seem I Have Been Missed?

There has been much pestering, yes pestering! from several corners for me to write something on my blog.  The e-mails are numerous, folks coming over to me at church, an acquaintance I bumped into at Hobby Lobby apparently is an … Continue reading

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Stayed inside to watch a video

Somehow in my travels around the interwebs, I came across a story about Jimmy Stewart, the actor. Of course, after reading that article first published in Meridian magazine, I had to order the video Mr. Krueger’s Christmas.

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New Baby Name

FOX news reports newborns and namesakes a baby boy born in Florida has Obama as his middle name and a mother in Maryland named her baby girl after his daughters I’m gonna have some interesting Roll Call readings in a … Continue reading

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