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A Gift with Time

Every Christmas, for many years, my sister-in-law had a ham sent as a wonderful gift for our family.  Last Autumn, we asked her, I hope politely, to ease back the extravagance since members of our family are getting fewer at … Continue reading

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Smile after Awhile

On the Sunday before the Relief Sale, a table for display of donations was set up in the Fellowship Area at the church. A pile of counted-cross-stitch bookmarkers were laid out between my pile of potholders and Aunt Deanie’s scrubbies … Continue reading

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Doldrums of a Spring Day

The rains came down, and the puddles formed big.  Husband used up much of the weekend getting water out of a corner in the basement.  A towel, squeegee, dehumidifier machine, and even the air conditioner.  Owning property is almost as … Continue reading

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One Little Name on a List

Newspapers got such a name because what was reported in them noticed the unusual happenings, making what was written seem so much different from what is considered normal living.  It was NEWS, the stories about robbery or accidents, or floods. … Continue reading

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Being Creative Elsewhere

As so many of you mentioned, I haven’t been near this blog, nor even the computer, in quite awhile.  Not to worry, I’m still here, just not writing so much about what’s happening. You may surmise that my creative juices … Continue reading

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It Can’t Happen to Them

As a citizen of a town which surrounds a big state university, this article about price of birth control on college campuses is disturbing for me. As someone who had a baby before getting a college degree, I can say … Continue reading

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What was all the fuss about?

There is no reasonable explanation as to why I used up more than two hours of my precious time watching Brokeback Mountain. Thank goodness it was only $1 to rent the dvd. I should have paid more attention when my … Continue reading

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Catching up

You might surmise that I am quite busy In Real Life during the week I haven’t written anything for the weblog. And Yeah, I’ve been busy. None of it bringing in a paycheck. Most important is that the girl kittycat, … Continue reading

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