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One Song I Remember

It’s the last day of June when I think of this song from the Summer of 1976 when I was driving back and forth to the community college for LPN school Summer (the First Time) Bobby Goldsboro It was a … Continue reading

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Letting the downspout do its job

My new wooden knitting loom kit came this morning. If you go to CinDWood crafts dot com you can see where I bought them from.  I’m real tired of getting spam from craft sites, so I won’t link you directly. … Continue reading

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Paper Mail going out

All this typing for the Interwebs is great most of the time. Today, there is a nice pile of stuffed envelopes on the table behind me. All kinds of correspondence, ranging from birthday, to thank you, get well, and then … Continue reading

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Green Blankie and Peach Potholder

The evening before I left for the Ohio Valley, I went through my hobby closet to find something to take with me to crochet while I was visiting with the relatives. I had no plans to do much partying, the … Continue reading

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A regular Thursday

My day was ever so free and easy. You all can turn green with envy and I won’t mind at all. For a few days, while slowly walking the treadmill, I was reading the book A DAY NO PIGS WOULD … Continue reading

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Keeping Busy

Over the weekend, I had to set aside crocheting on the baby blankie to work on some bookmarks. here they are stretched wet, and held flat by straight pins The three on the left are going to an event at … Continue reading

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Lady of Leisure

my mom potting some plants, and her cat Tabby So far today, I have sorted out two loads of laundry (lights and darks) and put them through the paces, loaded the dishwasher with a day and a half’s worth of … Continue reading

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Two Movies Watched and Returned

Just got back from a walk downtown to return dvds. It is a mile from the house to the video store, then another mile back home.  Wonder if I can deduct that time and distance from my treadmill routine? My … Continue reading

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Time with Aunt Ruth

One of the first weddings I remember attending was in the old church building on Jefferson Street, and wondering how my dorky ol’ Uncle Charlie got such a fine lady to bring into our family. One of the highlights of … Continue reading

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Even though I am not an historian of music

This morning in church, the song leader gave a short story about how the next hymn was commissioned especially for the book, a brief picture of what the author was trying to say, how the harmony part seems to come … Continue reading

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