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Song worth a listen

A rather mundane task of going to the craft store for a proper shade of blue 3-ply yarn got a bit sidetracked this morning. These days, it’s not often that the car radio announces the name of the artist just … Continue reading

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A New CD is Worthwhile

My Reba: Duets cd arrived a couple days ago, but today was the first chance I had to listen to it. several good songs, but the one I wanna get chummy with is Everyday People, a duet with Carole King … Continue reading

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Quite alright, I’m just busy over here

On Saturday afternoon, I went pants shopping.  I found one black pair and one denim pair in my size on sale at JC Penney. They both should be fine for the job—I’m allowed to wear jeans on Fridays. Saturday evening … Continue reading

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Thank Goodness It’s Friday means what it says

You might have noticed quite a lapse of time has passed since I last wrote for the blog.  It’s not that I want to diss you, but when I leave a school building and get home in the late afternoon, … Continue reading

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Weekend Ramblins

The other day for my Dear Ones e-mail friends, I sent out the fully copied obituary for my friend Ruth.  I was still feeling some shock that she was gone so fast, it was just a couple days after the … Continue reading

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Our Friend Dan has some sad news

Please express condolences for Dan and his missus at A Normal Backyard Tribute to Ninja and make sure you have a hankie close at hand. Thank You for your kindness. ~~love and Huggs, Diane

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Hook Busy for Bookmark Giving

This evening I’ll be busy stuffing envelopes to put in the mail for the Sunday School youngsters who have been promoted to Third Grade and received their NIV Bibles awhile back. I’ve been doing this year after year, and it … Continue reading

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