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And a Good Morning to You

Today I am home, after checking the SubFinder ‘Do Not Disturb’ box. My head aches as if a cold is coming on. Being with little children ramps up the germs available for catching. I heard Husband get up and do … Continue reading

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Baby Blankie finished this week

Most Thursdays, while getting ready for my Needlework Group, I go to CARL’s Ice Cream for a frozen Vanilla Latte to go. For weeks and weeks, my order was done by a gal who had just the right touch, proper … Continue reading

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Outside my Window–First Snowy Day

When I opened the window, Oscar, of course, jumped up to sniff the air. Would he stay still long enough to be in the shot? NO Still, I love the view when I turn my chair to look out there … Continue reading

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Where the Dollar (Coin) makes a difference

Some of my Holiday Gift loot went to the purchase of a roll of Presidential Dollar Coins. After reading an article in the Chicago Tribune about how the government is going to cut back the production of the coins, I … Continue reading

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Happy New Year 2012

Found this image on a Free Wallpaper site, and it expresses my sentiments exactly

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