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The beginning of the trip

A few pictures to tease you while I am waiting for the dryer to finish. The last few days and nights are all ajumble inside my memory. The trip over had a great rain storm in the middle of Indiana.  … Continue reading

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Driving across Two and a Half States

This is the morning youngest son and I are leaving for my old hometown on the far side of Ohio. Driving in our ‘fresh from the mechanic’s check-up’ car. Going from the central Illinois prairie to the bridge which crosses … Continue reading

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Graduation from HCC

The Heartland Community College Commencement ceremony took place Friday May 19, 2006. Wanting to catch the evening light, we took a couple pictures in the side yard before walking down the street to the auditorium. Our girl cat, Mahalia, came … Continue reading

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Someone at the door came knocking

Very soon after getting home from breakfast at McDs, I started right in on the pictures from graduation. There are many in the folder.  I did the choosing for my purpose, the crop and re-sizing, the Enhance Focus, made a … Continue reading

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Youngsters bring out my Best

This is the morning after graduation, which I will have to write about later.  So much to process, both mentally and emotionally. We went out for our usual Saturday breakfast (I say the best pancakes in the county!), then had … Continue reading

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Wish I could have known her back then

Although I didn’t have daughters to raise, I was am one, and I sure do wish I’d had PINK around when I was a teenager. DoF and I are just getting to know some about her, and we have both … Continue reading

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Again with crochet comfort

This is a much better image to leave with you crocheted using double and single stitches of Bernat CottonTots yarn with a size J hook earmarked for a Relief Sale to benefit a school in Chicago ~~love and Huggs, Diane

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That which makes me Stronger

There is a conspiracy this week.  I have to take antibiotics as a prevention before each dentist appointment.  A routine cleaning on Monday found a loose filling with a bit of decay under it, and there had been a cancellation … Continue reading

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More Screens Time

In a great cost-cutting measure about a month ago, DOF and I decided that we would cease the delivery of a daily newspaper to the porch.  The PANTAGRAPH has a fine website, and a few stories even allow comments like … Continue reading

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It’s so peaceful

The storms were quite fierce awhile ago.  Thunder sounded like a train was roaring down the street. Right now, though, the screen window and the girl cat are getting acquainted, and the water drips in the spout on the outer … Continue reading

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