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Part Rayon makes it soft for baby

From my point of view, my crochet is becoming a rerun. Lately, I’ve been quite busy with real life, so the crochet is a heap of items where the patterns are easy, the stitches routine. Most definitely, something nice does … Continue reading

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Soup for Supper

When I was younger and learning to cook, my mom often said the menu had to be what was already in the house.  She didn’t like grocery shopping very much, plus we had all kinds of home-canned goodies on shelves … Continue reading

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Where’d the weekend go?

The phone did not ring this morning to call me in to be a TA Sub.  Just as well, I didn’t want to have to make the decision to go out into the weather or to have my husband alone … Continue reading

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Housecats Amongst Us

My friends, Al and Andi, lived for awhile here in our little town on the prairie, mainly while they were in college, but moved to Chicago several years ago. We still keep in touch.  They travel as public ambassadors cum … Continue reading

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Cabin Fever

My guys and I are having housemate annoyances. Things like he leaves his bowl on the table, his guitar car next to the tv, his shoes in the middle of the room. I do thoughtless things like borrow the best … Continue reading

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A Batch Done this Morning

Tonight at church is the first of the Family Fun Nights planned for Wednesdays. We serve supper at 5:15pm, then the family groups move along doing crafts and drama and lessons, using the same plans as Vacation Bible School. the … Continue reading

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No Germs, Please

The weatherman says the temp reached a high of 46o.  Current temp is 39, so the downspout the other side of the wall is still dripping.  The places shoveled are dry wherever the sun touches.  The mountains of snow are … Continue reading

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Day Planner Full

No matter how busy I am, I still have to empty the cat litter box.  Nothing quite like walking across the laundry room all set to empty the dryer and fold the t-shirts, but to catch a whiff of heaven … Continue reading

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When Birds Gotta Sing

As the latest snowstorm moved on yesterday, leaving us with just over 4” more, Husband fired up the snowblower and cleared out the driveway, plus both front and back walks.  He seemed to be doing fine, so I stayed inside … Continue reading

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She Said It So Well

Every once in awhile, I can write about something I feel strongly about.  Usually in such situations, I’d rather talk it out so I can read facial expressions. Today I caught up several days of reading over at Susie’s Place. … Continue reading

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