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Trying to get the Method to post

This switch is bringing on an oversize learning curve. At a very busy time in my schedule. Hope to have more ASAP 🙂 ~~love and Huggs, Diane

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We’ve moved, but not really

DOF here, as in Mr. MrsDoF.   If you notice Diane’s blog is looking a little different, it’s because it’s been moved.  With considerable technical help from Les Jenkins of Stupid Evil Bastard fame, MrsDoF’s Dear Ones has moved from Expression … Continue reading

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This Project was so much Fun to do

this baby blankie is crocheted of Loops-n-Threads sport weight yarn, which is the house brand distributed by MICHAEL’s Craft Stores. It took 3 and a half skeins. I did not measure the inches of the sides, but folks say it … Continue reading

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Little Bits for my Happyness

In the grocery store parking lot, I was just about done putting the bags in the trunk when a Nissan Altima pulled in to the next space. I’d say it is newer than my 10 year old car. A woman … Continue reading

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Dropped Away for Saying What I Think

Just about a week ago, I came across a headline for an article about a situation in my hometown in Ohio. I clicked, read, clicked on links, watched a short video produced by their local television station. Still the news … Continue reading

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Open Time Unexpected

When I checked SubFinder yesterday, I was pleased to see a TA Sub needed for someone who always leaves good notes, does not leave the building, and has a good Resource teacher willing to answer questions. I’ve learned to appreciate … Continue reading

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the TA Sub Jobs are Happening

A couple days ago during a job, I was helping to move a student from her wheelchair to another place for awhile. She did not appreciate our efforts, so resisted by throwing her head back, which hit me across the … Continue reading

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