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my Beloved Little Peg Loom

Someone asked about the peg loom I used to knit the pastels baby hat. Here is a close-up of the pegs. and the way I do the knitting I am holding a pick in my left hand, and working the … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Youngest Son

Today is our youngest son’s birthday. Christopher is a quarter century old. He was born on Palm Sunday. This year, his day is in the middle of Holy Week. I had pictures all found and sorted to be putting on … Continue reading

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Germs have invaded

Home again. I’ve lost track of days off, what with Spring Break in there. I do know that I’m at home more often than at TA Sub jobs ever since Mahalia got her diagnosis of diabetes. This morning, she got … Continue reading

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First Hat off the Fine Sett Gauge peg loom

My peg loom ordered from Decor Accents as a Valentine gift arrived (at LO-ONG last) just this past Monday. Definitely not in time for doing something for the Relief Sale, still, okay at the beginning of the week for Spring … Continue reading

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Got a Quick History of Y A literature

As is my habit, I looked at the ISU Calendar of Events, but especially for this week of my Spring Break.  Having a university just down the street is very nice for entertainment, usually free and open to the public. … Continue reading

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Stuck with the dang thing

here’s a little knit bag 6 1/2” wide, 5” tall When our church women’s group was tying knots in a comforter, some dark red cotton was the proper color choice to match the pattern of the fabric. It soon became … Continue reading

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Noises are Familiar

the other night as we were getting ready for bed, I let out a little yelp as I took off my shirt. Without turning around, Husband said “You forgot to take out your earrings first” So I asked how did … Continue reading

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We’re eating Good

Ever since the critter doctor told me to UP the girl cat’s food servings, it seems like all I do is buy cans of the stuff. I opened the next to last this morning, so since I decided to decline … Continue reading

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Knitted Hat

here’s a peg loom knitted hat, made over the weekend the 4-ply acrylic yarn is the Hobby Lobby house brand I Love This Yarn!  name Green CAMO stripes and I just love how it finished although I forgot to take … Continue reading

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Still Here

Yesterday was a time of feeling poorly, just a bit weak and light-headed, no appetite. I went to bed early, which did not help because my innards were rumbling and my pulse pounding. No matter how I turned, some body … Continue reading

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