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More than Five Books….

I’ve been tagged by Army of Mom for a book meme. 1) Total number of books I own:  Who can say?  There are thousands of books in this house, and ownership overlaps.  People who come to visit are always impressed/overwhelmed … Continue reading

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Drained at Dinnertime

I’ve been home about a half hour and have finally stopped fidgeting. Today, June 28, is three weeks into my summer classes. At Noon, in Intermediate Algebra class, there was a 3 chapter test, with use of a graphing calculator. … Continue reading

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Neighborly conversations……

The weekend, and yardwork is a good way to be outside and to chat with the neighbors. One has a son working in Disney World for the summer. Another had a garden hose taken.  The thief had to go behind … Continue reading

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Wedding in June

There are pictures below the fold: Youngest son Chris was Best Man in a wedding: Alan and Sabrina got married at Davis Lodge beside Lake Bloomington So many people, so many cameras, so many pictures! At the reception, Chris played … Continue reading

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Five Things I Miss about Childhood

I have been tagged by Maria at Silver Fox Whispers. The topic is a list of five things I miss about childhood.  For days I have been thinking.  At first, I wanted to change the meaning to include what I … Continue reading

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Busy without You

Oy, Kiddies, what I had thought would be a 40 minute project just turned into two hours! It involved a stencil, embroidery thread, bright sunlight which became twilight (I am thinking I need new glasses), and three spots of blood … Continue reading

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That Doggone Dishwasher!

You may not want to know what I just used up time doing, but I have to tell ya, anyway. The dishwasher has been out of commission for TWO WEEKS!!  When the repairman came last Friday, he said it needed … Continue reading

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Crochet class at HCC

I signed up at the HCC for a community education class.  It is just 3 sessions for $40, what a bargain. The original blurb said we would be doing Christmas—Thread—projects.  I have been having a bit of trouble getting an … Continue reading

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Energy going to Classroom Work

A very energy draining day. In Intermediate Algebra, we had the first lesson on how to use a graphing calculator.  Speech class was presentations.  The topic was a Personal Experience.  Let’s say my speech was going well until one of … Continue reading

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Funeral, Men Working, and Classes

This was a very long day.  I checked over my Algebra homework first thing this morning, and all seemed to be in order. Then a Visitation and a 10am Funeral Service at the church.  The family is large and close-knit, … Continue reading

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