Was today our Anniversary?

This weekend, the third weekend in October is our wedding anniversary.  I’m usually pretty good with date memory, but much of the time with this, I have to think about the actual number.  I remember that we were married the third Saturday in October because the church building was booked every other Saturday of the month, and the minister refused to do a Sunday ceremony on October 12 (the date I really wanted) which is Columbus Day and easy to remember.  Therefore, October 18 is when the papers became official.

We are at 29 years of wedded bliss.  We couldn’t decide a special way to celebrate together, plus there was a chili lunch at church and I’m on the committee to help provide it.  Much of Saturday afternoon was preparations in the church kitchen, evening at home baking brownies and corn bread, Sunday morning was more preps, serving at Noon, and running the dish machine for clean-up until 2:30pm.
It was a great time, just not with my spouse, although we did alot of talking about him 😉 across the sinks.

Meanwhile, Husband got in some time on his unicycle, watched a movie on the little dvd player while walking on the treadmill, and puttered around a bit in the garage.  He says there is a gift in the works.

The gift I want is the latest cd by Reba McEntire, so I’ll probably pick it up next time I am at Tarjay.  For him I ordered some old-fashion pants stretchers to help with the laundry.  I don’t mind ironing all the other stuff, but I refuse to iron his pants, even if they are all cotton and he loves how crisp they feel after being pressed.
There is a freshly laundered pair of pants hanging to dry, so I hope the new gizmos work out as well as they did for my grandma.

Yesterday, son Chris performed in a wedding.  He said it was outdoors, and he did not know until then that Ave Maria could be played with frozen fingers on a wooden guitar.  He looked so nice in his tailored tuxedo, alas, I was too tired to remember where my camera was.  I also told him the outfit should go to the dry-cleaner, I am not going to put any effort at all into keeping his professional attire looking spiffy.  He can use expenses for his taxes.

He thought it was neat that he was at a wedding the same weekend as the parents anniversary.

Tomorrow’s TA Sub job is 6th grade at a junior high across town.  The kids are some I’ve known since they were in 4th grade, so we get along fine.  If I recall correctly, I’ll be in P E for two class periods, cafeteria duty for one lunch period, and one Reading Group of 4.  Not too bad at all.

Nitey Night

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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