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Banned Books Week

As some of you may already know, this is Banned Books Week.  Some folks mention that we should gather together and read aloud from publications which have been questioned at some time in history. The HCC Student Library Advisory Committee … Continue reading

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Supply and Demand

One of the cats caught a little gray mouse and dropped its poor lifeless and disheveled body at the bottom of the back steps. I saw it from the window, but decided to wait until after breakfast before going out … Continue reading

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Stop and start over

Major decision today.  I am going to Withdraw from the Educational Psychology class. There is so much extra work on the WebCT, watching videos, writing philosophy of education essays.  The class is 1.5 chapters behind during the time period, yet … Continue reading

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Perchance to Dream

I went to bed at 10:20pm because I was tired beyond a coherent sentence.  It seems I get myself worked up too much about writing Composition papers.  My guys tell me to just sit down and start typing, that everybody … Continue reading

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Hello, I’m Here again

Hello, Kiddies!  I’m Home! I had a great time at the camp, with friends (my sides ache from all the laughing and walking—sometimes both at the same time) and much good food that I neither had to cook myself nor … Continue reading

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Slow day, then I’m outta here!

The morning Ed Psyche class went well.  I had all my homework downloaded from the website and notes taken about the videos.  In the midst of all this, I stopped and wondered what I need to be in class for?  … Continue reading

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Yet again with Routine

Since I have only one class in the morning on Wednesday and Friday, I set this afternoon as a time to get a bunch of errands done. I took the shoes back to the menswear store.  The dress/shiny shoes that … Continue reading

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Routine and Regular

Not even 8pm and it’s dark out.  The days are getting shorter, although the temperature reached the mid90s today.  Public schools let out at 2pm.  Weatherwise, this isn’t so much different from 3:15, hot is hot, and a couple teachers … Continue reading

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Interval of Ease

A bit of a reprieve. I rechecked the syllabus for Composition 102.  Merely the topic proposal is due Tuesday’s class, not the whole paper.  That’s like 6 pages of typing I can put off awhile.  Yay!!! The list of words … Continue reading

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Hamster in a treadmill

Three people this week have told me that I seem to be ‘down’ as in depressed, non-perky.  ‘Tis True, ‘tis true….and I will be the first to admit it.  Just look at my bloody cuticles and you’d know that a … Continue reading

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