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Halloween should not happen on a Monday

I have been corrected for the previous post in that oldest son Joe was a construction worker with a beard.  The tool he used, and which had a light source, was a new-fangled measuring device for figuring out the square-footage … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween!

Our young sons. Joe (age 8) was an alien from outer space, complete with a raygun that lit up (his dad used an old camera flash). Lucas (age 5) was a crossing guard. Mom the sailor girl. Chris (age 3) … Continue reading

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Recipe for Apple Cake

A couple weeks ago I bought a bag of apples.  For the first few days, I was eating two or three a day because they were so fresh and yummy.  I gave a few away to kids at HCC. Last … Continue reading

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Pretty Thread Fun

Pretend you are a 16-month-old toddler. Doesn’t this item look interesting? All the pretty colors, and it’s up high. Ooohh—just out of reach. But the lady sitting next to it is a stranger, and that means danger—proceed with caution. Except … Continue reading

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Shopping and my Guys

The guys and I had lunch today, down at Latte Time with sandwiches and chips.  There was actually a bit of a Noon Rush, and I am very excited to see that happening, since I really like the place and … Continue reading

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An early picture

This was taken the Autumn of 1983.  I love my man in that hat!  It’s too bad it was covering his beautiful hair. I can’t remember why we were sitting on the floor beside the refrigerator, probably doing something with … Continue reading

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Our 25th Wedding Anniversary

This week, we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary.  Husband says I am trying to do too much in a small space and time and that I should spread out 25 years of information and keep you all on the edge … Continue reading

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This is the Life

Friday, October 14 there were no classes at HCC for a mid-term Fall Break.  I decided I was going to do something that I wanted to do, and not feel guilty at all about it.  No worrying about research or … Continue reading

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A Glimmer of Hope

Tonight’s class: Composition papers Graded and returned. My source annotated bibliography earned a 25/30. My Paper 2 Revision went from   Not Ready for Grading to a 97/100. But the surprise was the paper written last week as an In … Continue reading

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Being 20 Being Right

The other day, when I looked at Kristine’s Random and Odd for Stuff Portrait Friday, one of the assigned pictures was the best one I have of ME. That was as far as I got because of classwork and crochet … Continue reading

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