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Class is over

Well, it’s over.  The class in Educational Psychology is done. There is a 3-ring binder with its full depth of 2” to prove it. I used up much of Tuesday writing a final Philosophy of Education.  I gather I should … Continue reading

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Sorry to have missed you……

Much Much green, outside my window Summer School work has me swamped.  Two more class sessions. Papers and Tests and Porfolio, OH MY! so, if I’m not here, just leave a note that you stopped by. And I’ll get back … Continue reading

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Granny Square Pastels Afghan

I finished a granny square afghan this week. It is all 4 ply acrylic, although brand names of different companies, donated in a bag from someone at church. There are 42 squares. I decided the peach color border on the … Continue reading

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Reporting In

Awhile back, I went to our clinic for my physical exam. There’s a post down aways, but I’m too lazy to link it. The medical Lab Reports came from the nurse on the phone. Mammogram looks fine. PAP is Negative; … Continue reading

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Making Walking Worthwhile

The phone’s temperature lady announced 6:50am and 83oF. I got up and pulled on some all cotton clothes to do my walk around the block.  I haven’t been on a scale since the doctor’s office.  I do know that my … Continue reading

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A Nod at the Jamboree

This weekend, back in the Ohio Valley where I grew up, is the Jamboree in the Hills, which is billed as The Superbowl of Country Music.  This is a major anniversary, since the first celebration was 30 years ago.  I … Continue reading

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Hump Day

Heading into the home stretch of the Edu Psyche course. Only 4 more class sessions. Bombed the last paper, tho.  The Instructor says she didn’t even grade it because she believes I totally misunderstood the directions.  I’m to meet with … Continue reading

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Walking on a sunny Saturday morning

The doggone cardinals woke me up at the first pink light of dawn this morning.  Now that those teenagers are flying around, the momma and daddy are teaching them their most popular bird songs.  It looks like a boy and … Continue reading

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My Feet are Worthy

One day last week, my mister and I rode our bicycles to McDs for breakfast.  This is not unusual, the clerk knows our order even before we get to the head of the line. What was the matter is that … Continue reading

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Should I enjoy being a Girl?

All week long I was getting myself all talked into being ready for the routine physical female exam. No big deal, long overdue, Great Nurse Practitioner. The first thing is to get weighed.  That’s 9 pounds more than the last … Continue reading

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