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Stuff Portrait Day

We have quite a thing going at Kristine’s Place It’s called Stuff Portrait Day and is Usually on a Friday.  However, I won’t be near a computer after Thursday morning because I will be visiting with my much of my … Continue reading

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You’re the One

While folding laundry, I have been listening to my ‘new’ record. Carpenters Lyrics You’re The One (Steve Ferguson) Every night, every day, you’re the one I always dream of. Every line of your face is sketched so plain inside my … Continue reading

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Car is Ready!

There’s gonna be a trip outta town coming soon for me.  My car went into the shop and got the front wheels aligned, two new tires on the front, the brakes checked, a new belt of some kind, all the … Continue reading

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Sunday Supper

When I was going out the door, keys in hand, I happened to ask Husband what I should buy for supper. He answered Salmon.  My spine stiffened as well as it was able and I responded that it could be … Continue reading

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This month is Long

I woke up thinking the time is much later than it actually reads on the bedside clock. The reason being what jolted me out of bed was two cats hissing right outside the bedroom window.  Oh yeah, Mahalia decided to … Continue reading

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Searching for List and Thread

update:  Sunday morning while sitting in Sunday School and chatting with a friend, she asked me for something which happened to be in my bag.  When I went digging for that paper, my list fell out.  This is the same … Continue reading

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Stuff Portrait Day

This is Stuff Portrait Day, as a request at Kristine’s Place First up: is my relaxing place. My house is shelter from the stuff of the world but full of its own too much stuff.  We really need to have … Continue reading

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Body in Protest mode

This morning as I was taking clothes from the dryer to a basket, then lifted the basketful to the counter to fold and sort, my lower back decided to have a muscle spasm. I swear I was lifting correctly—you know, … Continue reading

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Sad, but dancing

A little while ago a friend called with the news that JUDGING AMY (my favorite TV show for the last two years!) has been cancelled from the Fall schedule.  So I am very sad.  Husband says it was coasting downhill … Continue reading

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I say It’s Over

I’m saying the semester is over.  I went up to HCC to fetch my composition portfolio.  There is one comment from the Instructor which states “Lacks the ability to look at both sides of issue/topic/concern.”  My husband gladly would have … Continue reading

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