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Happy New Year!

Staying home tonight, in 17oF weather. The young folks across the street are having a mild party. Only four trucks parked in front. While I was taking out the trash, I looked up past the streetlight and could see the … Continue reading

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Our Holiday Date

After seeing Meryl Streep in Mamma Mia twice at theaters and then again on Christmas Day’s dvd viewing, I got to thinking about her latest movie DOUBT, a new release on Boxing Day. There is no way I can understand … Continue reading

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Cats and Sons are a good mix

The weather was extremely cold a few days ago, but with extra people in the house, the cats, Oscar and Mahalia, wanted to go outside a little more often. Whenever one would actually go out past the threshold, I took … Continue reading

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And So, That was Christmas

One of the most laid-back holidays ever. Well, at least as far as gifts and food and family matters. The night before, we agreed for the time to have French toast as Noon.  Anybody getting up before then would have … Continue reading

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Takin’ It Easy Christmas Eve

In spite of predictions for terrible weather, Husband was able to travel an hour each way on I-74 to fetch son Lucas and bring him home for Christmas.  His cat Scratchy remains behind and will be looked after by someone … Continue reading

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Not much, how ‘bout you?

There is a new porcelain crown installed on the second from back tooth on the upper left side of my mouth.  Once the numbing wore off, my cheek and eye twitch decided to strut their stuff yet another time before … Continue reading

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The Circle of Charity

Aside from apartment floods and toothaches, I believe I should write something a little more positive that happened recently. At the holiday season, our public library usually puts up an artificial tree in the lobby, which uses donations of warm … Continue reading

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Sunday not so super

In my planner book for Saturday 20 Dec, I had written Address newsletter envelopes.  Lots of other stuff happened, moving that tedious task very far down the list. Last year I was able to use the year before’s envelopes because … Continue reading

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Latest Peg Loom Arrives!

Yesterday being a Snow Day freebie time, I used it up knitting doll hats on my newborn size peg loom.  It is the smaller one in the picture, with 36 pegs. The hats are going to a little girl at … Continue reading

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Ice Storm means an at-home day

Although I had signed on to TA Sub at an elementary school Second Grade (are you kidding? last day of the semester means clean out desks, movies, cookies!) ALL SCHOOLS and everybody else for miles are closed due to an … Continue reading

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